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Desperate need for help with official upgrade failure.Support

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  1. globetrotterdk

    globetrotterdk Active Member

    I have finally found out how to upgrade my Galaxy Spica. Samsung just came out with the info on their Danish site. Unfortunately, I followed the instructions, including installing the new PC software, but the upgrade was unsuccessful. I was prompted to do an emergency restore, but the mobile seems to have frozen during the boot up sequence, while connected to the PC. It has been a half hour and nothing has happened.

    There is a message that I shouldn't disconnect the mobile from the computer, so assume I have to do something to reboot the phone. How do I do that?

  2. globetrotterdk

    globetrotterdk Active Member

    It looks like I solved this. I took out the battery, replaced it in the mobile, and then re-ran the software upgrade.

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