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  1. I'm an Android developer looking for a phone that will be recognized by the Android Debugging Bridge. I've been unsuccessful with my first two phones. Have any developers gotten this LG Optimus Elite to work?

    It's available from Virgin mobile

    Thanks, Gary

  2. superluigi

    superluigi Active Member

    Yes it works. I'm not a dev but I use adb when I want to do something related to the terminal without having to use the soft keyboard.
  3. Superluigi,
    Thanks for responding to my post. Do you have a link or can you tell me where I can get the USB driver for this phone? I run Windows 7.
  4. superluigi

    superluigi Active Member

    I'm still a fairly new user to these forums so I don't think I can post links on here yet. You can google vm696 drivers and look at the LG website. That's where I downloaded the drivers I use.

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