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Difference between 'G' and 'H'General

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  1. ahmedz123

    ahmedz123 Member


    When my phone shows a 'G' signal at the top I can not open any webpages on my Sensation. However when it displays 'H' I can use the online services as usual. Should I be able to go online when i have a 'G' signal only?

    What speed should be available on 'G' and 'H'?

  2. Wazza66

    Wazza66 Active Member

  3. mrqs

    mrqs Well-Known Member

    G in this context stands for generation of cellular network technology
    1st generation is simple gsm for calls / texts and won't get you online (not counting wap... it's 2012 after all)
    2G is gprs and if you see E, that's for edge (think of it as 2.5G) - both of these are fairly slow but get simple surfing done
    and then there'e the quicker 3G and H (HSDPA - "3.5G")
    next up 4G/LTE, but the sensation isn't capable of that

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