Do I need caller ID?

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  1. huntsman84

    huntsman84 Member

    Hey all, I've got an HTC Hero on Telus, I'm trying to cut back a little on my monthly expenses (for all things including my cell phone) and I'm just wondering if I need to subscribe to caller ID to see the number? I heard from a friend (mind you, not a very tech-savvy friend) that you don't need caller ID in your monthly plan to see the number of the person whose calling you. Is this true? My carrier charges me 15 bucks a month for caller ID and unlimited texting, two features I feel I safely live without.

    I don't mind if no name comes up and it is just a number, I can live without a picture and name popping up for incoming calls, I just don't want it to say "Unknown Number" or something like my old crappy 10 year old cell phone did without it. Sorry, I am new to smartphones and thought I'd ask. Thanks!

  2. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    AFAIK the photo and the name does not come from your cell provider's call ID feature. When a call comes in all that comes over the airwaves is the phone number - that is all that caller ID is - or at least it is in the UK.

    The name and photo is displayed by my Hero because it checks my contacts I have stored in the phone (or SIM) for the incoming phone number, and matches up the name and photo from them if it is recognised.
  3. huntsman84

    huntsman84 Member

    Oh okay, so what is the point of paying for call id? Would the number not show up without it? I'd call and ask my carrier but seeing as id be taking a 15 dollar my bill I wouldn't expect an honest answer :p
  4. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    I've never had a phone that doesn't show the number of the caller. I would guess that caller ID would mean it displays a name for the caller even if you haven't got them saved as a contact.
  5. spiderweb

    spiderweb Member

    15 bucks for a caller ID?!? Man, you should change your operator, that's a rip-off! :) In my operator (T-Mobile Macedonia) there are number of features as a package that comes with the payment plan, this is included in my account:

    Short message mobile terminating
    Short message mobile originating
    Calling line id presentation
    Calling line id restriction
    Call forward unconditional
    Call forward on mob sub busy
    Call forward on no reply
    Call forward on sub not reach
    Call waiting
    Call hold
    Multi party service
    Barring of all outg. calls
    Barring of all outg. int call
    Barring all OG int non-HPLMN
    Barring of all incoming calls
    Barring of all IC calls out
    Itemised bill
    Call Forwarding Group
    Barring Group
    OBR outside HPLMN country
    Roaming Enabled
    Voice Mail-Mejli
    My company
    GPRS Basic Service
    GPRS Subscription (MMS)
    GPRS Subcription (WAP)
    GPRS Subscription (Internet)
    NFM Dispose
    Video call-Видео повик

    You can activate/deactivate each service through the company website, no extra charge. Ask customer service if you can separate caller ID from the unlimited texting, I think that the company charges you that much because of it.
  6. TjPhysicist

    TjPhysicist Member

    NO in fact telus caller ID does cost 15$ and its the same with all 3 big companies in canada (of course if you go with the new "WIND MOBILE" if you can, then it is cheaper, but their service area is as of yet VERY VERY limited).

    Anyways on to the point. Caller ID simply turns on the sending of what is called the caller identification on to your phone, any call that comes in comes in with an identification, it could be a number, it could actually be "Unknown caller" in case the other party has disabled the ability to show their number as caller id. The feature you pay 15$ for simply allows your phone access to this Identification for each call. In most cases the ID is a phone number, most phones (esp. smart phones) match up the number with a name via some directory (411 if you have the 411 caller id app, and/or your contact list). However remember that this all starts with the actual "ID" that is transferred to you along with the call. Without the feature known as "caller ID" this identification is never transferred to your phone, it is blocked, thus you will always get "unknown number" since the identification (i.e. the number) is never coming to your phone. No matter what you do, the number needs to come from the same place the call did, it is a part of the incoming call, (this is done to ensure that only the party meant to receive the call can see the number that the call came from). I have had and not had caller id, and i can confirm for certain that no amount of hacking will bring you anything more than "unknown number" unless your mobile provider turns on the ability for your phone to receive the number that comes in with the calls.
  7. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    Wow Canadians, you are being ripped off. I never heard of a mobile operator charging for caller ID before.
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  8. TjPhysicist

    TjPhysicist Member

    You think *thats* being ripped off, you know visual voice mail, yea the thing you can get for free or under 10$ from youmail, google voice or at least 5 or 6 other places, we pay 15 for it. Also all "data" plans here come with only 500MB of data a month (which is as well all know peanuts if you wanna listen to some online radio or do some youtubing even). Wanna know what more data costs?
    1GB plan=65, 2GB plan=80 and 3GB plan = 100. NOw remember this is the only way to get data for smart-phones (unless you are a business customer of course). The plan come with about 100-200 daytime minutes and your choice of a feature from ones such as fave 5, unlimited evening/weekends etc. And at least telus does not have any plans that have unlimited incoming, that feature costs extra at, you guess it, 15$.
  9. TjPhysicist

    TjPhysicist Member

    Sorry neglected to mention. This is only a problem in the last 2 years or so. Before canada switched to HSPA+, (or they even had a plan to) the plans were good. I remember when i first got a smartphone, Unlimited data (as far as i know truly unlimited), voicemail 10 (meaning an inbox with space for 10 messages) and all the normal stuff for $45. But, there was an issue with, something about the CRTC and telus and rogers, and the non competition law...they had to cancel those plans.
  10. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    We are very lucky in the UK and most of western europe. The digital mobile market is mature with lots of competitors fighting for your business and good 3G+ coverage. The result is that as long as we in our own country (not roaming) we get good plans and never have to pay for any incoming calls. And we get the phones included in the deal too!
  11. mel4

    mel4 Member

    So if I understand well and the info is correct, I would never be able to display any kind of information (even name from my contact list) if the caller id feature is not activated? All those app on market named "caller-something" relying on internet to search names will never work? I even don't have data plan for now, so I can't test (quite sure it will not work on wifi).
  12. gkny

    gkny New Member

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