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  1. micp1480

    micp1480 Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 4, 2009
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    Let me say this, that I am not a novice to rooting, that I came from a Droid 1 that was rooted with the Ultimate Droid Rom running with a P3 kernel. Now that I have the droid 2, it seems you have to jump through hoops to get what came easy withe the Droid 1, meaning that I had to down load the Boot Strap APk, etc....................ok, I want to download a ROM and Kernel, and I see that there is a ROM called EPIC for the Droid 2, but everywhere I go to download it, the link is broken. I have seen nothing about loading a Kernel on the Droid 2 either. My question is this, where can I find the ROMS and Kernels for the Droid 2? Thank you.

    MICP 1480

  2. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Well-Known Member

    Nov 8, 2009
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    Then I suppose that's why this subforum looks familiar, huh? ;)

    Also, why are you typing in that hideous font?
  3. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    Jul 8, 2010
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    the droid 2 and one are completely different devices. so of course they are gonna have different steps to romming and kernels. I have a Dx which is more similar to the D2 than the D2 is to the D1. and getting roms on that is a pain in the ass but its worth it.

    Also as for kernels I dont believe you can install a kernel into the D2 because of the locked bootloader, in order to overclock it you have to manually change kernel settings. im sure there is a post in the D2 subforum.

    Edit: deleted a part that seemed to come off as an attack and kind of arrogant on my behalf. I apologize.

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