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droid x to stereo deck USB

  1. pheiro

    pheiro New Member

    Trying to connect my X to a Sony cdx-gt35uw car stereo via usb, and it says usb device not supported. Anyone have any suggestions?

    edit:I checked manufacture site, droids aren't on the supported list, any chance theres a work around?

  2. Are you in Disk Drive mode on the phone?
  3. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Its not going to be like iPod USB, due to the fact that Androids don't have a way to output audio over USB. The only way to do it is putting it in Disk Drive mode/mounting it to USB.

    If you need audio from certain apps like Pandora, you'll have to settle with the headphone jack and AUX IN on some fancy radios. If yours has USB, it more than likely has AUX IN.

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