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  1. Fatum112

    Fatum112 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 29, 2010
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    Hi people, (other topics didn't bring a solution)

    I bought a wildfire 2 weeks ago, but i seem to have a problem with my contacts. When i open the widget for my contacts, i can select which one it shows (i.e. sim, phone, facebook, ...) Which is really handy since most of my contacts are connected, so if i click on one of them, it shows the facebook profile picture, home phone, cell phone, ...

    But when i try to send a text to someone, i can't do the same thing in that particular list of contacts. It's pretty annoying since it then shows all the phonenumbers, e-mail adresses, ... separately for every contact. This also means it shows the numbers i have on my SIM card and the phone numbers on the phone, meaning everyone is being shown twice.

    So is there a way i can set the contacts it shows when i want to text people to just the connected contacts on my phone (i.e. one contact with their facebook picture and their different numbers)?

    Hope you guys can help :confused:


  2. RightSaidJames

    RightSaidJames Member

    Jul 2, 2010
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    Why not Export your SIM contacts (People > Menu > Import/Export > Export to SD Card > SIM), then delete them, then reimport them (People > Menu > Import/Export > Export from SD Card). If at this point you have any duplicates, delete them.
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