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  1. amits3

    amits3 New Member

    Hello guys,

    My first post, so please bear with me if it does not make enough sense.

    I use earphones for taking calls when driving. I have got two issues with the GalaxyS3 when standard earphones are plugged in:

    1. Even with the earphones on, I get incoming call alert on the speaker or vibration as set, but there are only a couple of small beeps on the earphone. Mostly on vibration, I can never know when I get calls while driving unless I am listening to music.

    2. With earphones or speakers, the handset does not allow turning in-call noise cancellation on. So, if I am driving the voice quality is very bad.

    This is not how it was with my iPhone4 earlier. Has anyone else seen these or know of any corrective setting? Or are these as designed by Samsung?


  2. amits3

    amits3 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions/comments. Really appreciate any help.


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