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Easiest Way to upgrade to Gingerbread v2.3.6Support

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  1. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    What is the safest and easiest way to make this upgrade from v2.3.4.

    Any thoughts. I have done the research and there is no real good method that I see.

  2. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    Flash your phone to the 2.3.6 ROM
  3. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    Has anyone done this and noticed a difference?

    Is it worth it?
  4. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    I've done this. It doesn't really matter if you upgrade your phone, its just slightly faster and and slightly better stability. But if you want to keep your phone up to the latest updates, you can do so. :)
  5. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    i was wondering if there was really any benefit to it. I have no speed or stability problems with 2.3.4. Any real benefits to validate the update?

    Anyone have the location of the rom and a tutorial on how to upgrade. My phone is rooted.
  6. Brython

    Brython Active Member

    Hmm... I don't get it. I'm still stuck with Android 2.3.3.

    Whenever I look for a software update, it keeps telling me that there is none although many people I know already have 2.3.4 pre-installed...
  7. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

  8. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    It usually takes a long time for the phone to find updates on the internet. (I don't know why..) I had to wait like 1 month, then i checked updates on my tablet and it finally said that there were updates!?!
  9. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

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