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  1. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    Can't get any email clients to work reliably after ICS. Pop3 servers. K-9 mail bogs down and loads on a couple of emails when there are 30 or more waiting. Then just sits there spinning when I tell it to check mail. After a while of saying "loading messages" it doesn't load any then just says "Next poll at..." It used to work and works fine on my phone. Several others now say they have difficulty connecting to server. Funny, my phone doesn't have any trouble. Other programs don't have server connection problems. Can get there from browser but slow. Maildroid, several other free ones listed in playstore won't work or are not reliable . Some paid ones but I'm not going to pay when their free version doesn't even work.
    Right now the only thing that works is Gmail. I have deleted and restored accounts with same poor results.

  2. maildroiddev

    maildroiddev Well-Known Member

    What is wrong with maildroid, what error are you getting?
  3. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    Well, My tablet died. I finally got it charged up and to reboot but now it will not load Google Play store. Keeps saying no connection. Dolphin browser still works, so I know I can get to the internet. Perhaps the problem was the tablet going bonkers. Can't update Gmail either--no error message-just fails to sync. Date shows Jan 1 2000 and will not update. Once I get straightened out I will give maildroid another try.

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