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  1. heckbill

    heckbill Member

    Tryng to figure out how to turn off my email notification sound, but leave my text notification tone on. Probably right in front of me but I,m at a loss.:confused: Thanks ..

  2. BlandroidB

    BlandroidB Member

    Hey. To turn off the email notification sound, go into email, then hit your options softkey(its the first button on the left on the bottom of the phone) and then press more, then account settings, and then go down to notifications and set it to silent or whatever you would like.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Mo K

    Mo K New Member

    Thanks, Blandroid. I just got my first smartphone ever, and googled the same question. This was very helpful! I don't get many text msgs, but the email notifications were driving me batty.

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