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  1. rahjawn

    rahjawn Well-Known Member

    How do I properly set-up/use my mobile Hot Spot? When I turn my hot spot on my Epic, my computer will say it's connected but I can't get on the internet or anything. Is there something I'm not doing or something i don't know? :confused:

  2. unknown zone

    unknown zone Well-Known Member

    are you paying for it via sprint, if not it will not work, fork over the $30 so that they can make the changes in your sprint account then it will work.
  3. metalmenance

    metalmenance Well-Known Member

    is there a phone setting trick for sprint like verizon to change for the hotspot connection?
    (had verizon and could dial #778 and change my nam settings and verizon data always thought i was on phone and then could use wifitether to connect laptop)
  4. unknown zone

    unknown zone Well-Known Member

    I would just "root" it is pretty easy these days and dl "wifitether for root", works on 802.11 "N". So your laptop needs to be able to connect to 802.11n or else you will never see the signal.
  5. I just bought the Samsung Epic for me and my wife, I can conncect my laptop using Hotspot feature and I can browse internet using my phone, my wife's phone does not have working hotspot. I did not activate any hotspot service from Sprint, Is it just a month trial or is my device defective to automatically get hotspot option? please advsie.
  6. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    if you didn't pay the optional $30 for sprint hotspot feature, then you should not be able to make it work out-of-box. if it's working, then it's defective and you should send it over to me to correct it for you. just don't tell sprint about it, and don't be surprised when it stops working on its own.
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  7. I just found out that the version of software that I have my Samsung Epic is Build number Samsung ECLAR.DG17 which I never upgraded after I bought the phone, seems like that is what is giving me free hotspot internet access from my laptop without paying the $30 per month.

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