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  1. kazumahits

    kazumahits Active Member

    guys i need help some help, i try to change my boot animation using CWM and i get the error, i change it maybe last week, in the same procedure without getting errors with the same bootanimation cuz i reinstall the custom rom.

    E:Missing bitmap indeterminate1
    (Code -7)
    E:Missing bitmap indeterminate2
    (Code -7)
    E:Missing bitmap indeterminate3
    (Code -7)
    E:Missing bitmap indeterminate4
    (Code -7)
    E:Missing bitmap indeterminate5
    (Code -7)
    E:Missing bitmap indeterminate6
    (Code -7)

    -- Install from package...
    Finding update package...

    I'm Using Axura
    voodoo lag fix enable

  2. kazumahits

    kazumahits Active Member

  3. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    There is no need to bump a thread this time of the day/morning. People will see it. But it looks like the animation may be missing something itself. If you can't boot up fully anymore IMO you should update to the latest version of axura because I hear another version is out this morning.
  4. mr.haqeem

    mr.haqeem New Member

    sory..i also got dat error & dont know how to fix it. how to update it coz i cant even go to the recovery mode. plz help

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