Eve on Rogers won't work anywhere but large cities?

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  1. Feneant

    Feneant New Member


    I am wondering if anyone has had problems on Rogers with their LG Eve. It's hard to explain but basically, if you know the Maritimes, I can get service in Moncton, Charlottetown but I cannot get service anywhere else including Shediac, Bouctouche, Caraquet, Bathurst, Cap-Pele, Memramcook, Montague, Georgetown, on the Confed bridge, etc.

    The Rogers data support suggested via Email I reset the phone but that was a waste of my time as expected. I spoke to a technician who suggested I upgrade to the 10f software but I tried on 3 different pc's and it refuses to install no matter what I do. His other idea was that my phone might have been jumping on a Bell tower which I thought would be the issue. However; I tried this twice and when I search for a network, I see NO Rogers towers at all! I only see a network that is 6 numbers and the technician advised this was Bell.

    Has anyone had this kind of problem or can provide me with ideas on what I can try? With the data plan, I'm paying 75$ a month for this phone that only works for about 10 minutes regardless of the direction I drive. :mad:

    The problem has been occurring since I got the phone in March but I didn't have time to check it with certainty... but then I went to a wedding in Caraquet and to PEI a couple of times and I was certain there was a problem. Unfortunately it's been over 30 days so Rogers now says it is up to me to get it repaired or replaced now. It sickens me that I agreed to a renew 3 year contract and their response is that this is somehow my problem that they sold me a bad phone. :(

    Thank you

  2. Jay-Eff

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  3. Feneant

    Feneant New Member

    Ohh, I know I'm within the access zone. The datasupport tech confirmed that I was within 2 kilometers of towers in the areas I listed. And I did have access before on my Iphone (yes, it's a downgrade, but I wanted a real keyboard)
  4. XBrav

    XBrav Well-Known Member

    Hey Feneat,

    So you lose all reception when you're outside the cities? Sounds like the phone is set to use 3G only. When you leave the city, you'll still get data via EDGE, it'll just be much slower.

    Let me know what it says on Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks. If "Use only 3G networks" is checked, uncheck it.

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