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FB always showing me as online?Support

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  1. dcfresh7

    dcfresh7 Member

    Hey, how can i get it so i'm not constantly shown as online or "available" on FB? I disabled the FB for HTC sense and removed my account. Been using the FB android app, but don't have it setup it sync. why does it show me online 24/7???

  2. lgldrgdlr

    lgldrgdlr Well-Known Member

    If you use the chat feature, you need to hit menu>go offline rather than just back out. Thats the only reason I know of that makes it show you as currently online.
  3. Eric Bishop

    Eric Bishop Well-Known Member

    Don't you feel a little ashamed that you've made up this story about having a phone that's causing you to appear to be on facebook 24/7, when in reality you're just sitting in front of your computer 24/7, continuously monitoring your facebook news feed? I mean, don't you think there's a happier life out there for you?

    You should really get a Thunderbolt though. It's a great phone.
  4. mattbirk

    mattbirk Well-Known Member

    I have problems with it going online automatically...even did it on my D1 and I know other people it does it to. I will set it to go offline, but it somehow magically always gets turned on and I have never used FB chat on my phone. I never understood it, it seems to do it when I am actually on FB from a computer, then it seems to send the chats to my phone too...makes no sense.

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