First Post, anyone use both IK5 and L3?Support

  1. SGH

    SGH New Member

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. Really like the support here for the galaxy and I too hope that we get an official 2.1 firmware upgrade in the future.

    Anyway, I bought my phone (Anycall I7500H model) with i7500zhii4 firmware and csc i7500tgyii4. I flashed in IK4 last night, but after reading the posts regarding battery life from IK5 and L3, I'm wondering if I should go the extra mile and flash one of those into my phone instead.

    Who here is a former IK4 to either IK5 or L3 user, and what's the verdict?

  2. jpraok

    jpraok Member


    I had IK5 when I bought my I7500 1 month back, Even I was very concern about the battery backup.
    Last week upgraded to L3, but I did not see any change in battery consumption.

    Please let me know if somebody has some solution for increasing battery backup.
  3. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    Well - when i had gotten my phone a couple of days back - it had II1 - i flashed it to IK4 - battery life did increase significantly - around 2 days back i upgraded to the L3 and there is a slight improvement of battery life - but thats just within my own experience - I'd recommend it - but yea - along with all this, i use this app called "Automatic Task Killer" from the app - market - it kills any active applications soon as the phone is put to sleep which means that when the phone is in the sleep mode it is not being used as much so saves battery - my battery lasts around 2-3 days max - so that is real good

    And from whatever i've seen and read here on the forum elsewhere and the tips given, there are a certain number of adjustments that you can make to save battery life - like turning off auto sync, bringing down screen brightness etc - you can read the other thread on conserving battery life etc on that to get more help -
  4. reload

    reload Well-Known Member

    I didnt notice any improvement in battery life from ik5 to L3
  5. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    I am not sure - like i said - for me its a personal opinion - i did notice a slight improvement but could be also because of the changes i have made to some of the settings -
  6. benner

    benner Well-Known Member

    If there was a change, it wasn't much. And the battery still appears nearly full, until it isn't. Then it drops off pretty quickly. Not accurate at all.
  7. damuffinman

    damuffinman Well-Known Member

    Is your battery meter calibrated? I had that problem before because I used to charge with both USB and the AC charger - solved it by almost depleting the battery of charge, then using the AC charger to top it up. It gets much more accurate after that.
  8. benner

    benner Well-Known Member

    I will give it a shot. Thanks.
  9. mrbrdo

    mrbrdo Well-Known Member

    OR you can just use a battery widget app from the market, it displays battery life much more accurately than the builtin thing
  10. SGH

    SGH New Member

    Well, I have both IK5 and L3 saved on my comp's HD just in case. Right now IK4's battery life isn't nearly as bad as my previous Samsung phone (the G600). I've had the phone on for over 24 hours and it only went down to 85%. Granted this was on a completely wiped phone (meaning no access point configured, etc.). Once I threw in the access point info (and the phone ran in 3G), I could tell the battery is getting used more (temp is higher).

    At least now if I were to do a factory reset, the phone will boot up in English. Plus I could have sworn I got some new ringtones/alerts once I updated the FW. Oh well. Even though this phone's somewhat dated, I'd still pick this over just about any other phone on sale here (AMOLED, thin form factor, AND a low SAR value).

    Anyone know what kinda FW they're running on the Australian model?

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