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  1. double1

    double1 Well-Known Member

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  2. Blackhawk1969

    Blackhawk1969 Well-Known Member

    HAS NO ONE TRIED THIS TO COMMENT ON IT??? 237 views and not one feedback reply? since it doesnt play video I guess the version i have that does the same thing will work fine until i see some feedback. And if it does work good.... Thanks Double 1 , im not a guinea pig though so ill keep checking back.
  3. Duke 505

    Duke 505 Well-Known Member

    Ok you got me! Ive had the flash player for like 3 days now but videos arent playing. Im assuming thats because of my slow connection. I will test it on WIfi as soon as i can. Im sure this app works
  4. mario0318

    mario0318 Well-Known Member

    I'm certain this was already posted a few months ago, hence the lack of replies.
  5. Paulp4

    Paulp4 New Member

    I have tried it and it works fine.
  6. Blackhawk1969

    Blackhawk1969 Well-Known Member

    great, I will give it a try...
  7. Vulcan219

    Vulcan219 Member

    So far the new Flash Player is working fine with my OM too, though I am using Kelso's ROM in my phone. It seems that the Flash Player started working for me when the Metro PCS crap came out of the ROM I figured Metro Crap was interferring somehow,

  8. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    I've had this 4ever....this is old news. There was another thread like this one about 3-4 months ago, maybe more than that...also videos work with a custom rom and will not work with stock rom...its because of the browser.apk (I think)
    Edit: videos lag a lot though.....

    EDIT: sorry this wasn't old news here, I found this myself a long time ago and I thought I got it from here........
  9. BrandonOptimus

    BrandonOptimus Well-Known Member

    Actually 10.3 and 11.0 are literally exact lol. Idk if there is a 10.3 thread on it though :D
  10. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    so i guess someone took the 10.3 apk and renamed it 11.0 xD, probably just for views and ratings haha
  11. Vulcan219

    Vulcan219 Member

    Actually there is a 10.3 thread on XDA, I have seen it and almost downloaded that one till I saw the 11. thread and got that one instead, especially after reading on the 10.3 thread that it lagged worse than the 10.1 version.

    I am now working on getting the metro pcs power on screen, off of my phone, I have found a setup that allows me to see the rle files by converting them to png and then reconvert them back to rle again, if anyone is interested in getting this, post here and let me know, and I will put up the attachment and the directions on how I made it work, the instructions with the setup didn't work for me but I got it working a different way for me, so if it doesn't work for others they can try my way and see if it works for them as well.

  12. Vulcan219

    Vulcan219 Member

    Heck with it, here is the setup I used for the rle conversion and reconversion, the instructions weren't too clear and the command line didn't work for me for some reason, which is wierd, cause I have never had any issues with command line before, but no problem, I found out if you want to convert the rle to png, all you have to do is drag the rle file to the batch file that converts it to phg and drop it on the batch file, it will automatically convert it, and if you want to convert back, you drop the png file on the batch file that converts to rle, I am experimenting with this process now to see if I can make a different set of power on logos for my phone and get rid of the metro crap, if it works I will post a screen of the new log on logo.

    When you unpack the zip file, unpack it to its file name so all the things needed are contained in that file, so you have it seperate from your other stuff and it is self contained that way, and makes it easier for you to keep track of what you have. I hope all get good use out of this file. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, if needed could a mod or admin move it to the right place, I just wanted to get this out while I was still thinking about it. thanks,


    Here is the file:

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  13. Metalzone

    Metalzone Member

    Tried it and It actually does work.! But what are the controls if we play a flash game? I guess you can only watch flash vids??

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