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galaxy ace 2 wont start :((Support

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  1. kevinturna

    kevinturna New Member

    hi guys im new here! ive just got myself a galaxy ace 2, i dont know how this happened but when i recieved the phone it had no battery and when i turn it on the camera flash is on constantly it vibrates, the buttons light up but nothing comes up on the screen?? is there any way to fix this? thanks!

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello and welcome, Kevin.

    If there ever was a description of a defective device in these forums, that one you just gave takes the prize! :D

    Let me ask you what you mean when you say, "..I just got myself a galaxy ace 2.." Did you purchase it (with factory warranty and or insurance) at a carrier store or Best Buy, etc? Or did you get it on Ebay, from a friend? etc etc. :confused:

    At any rate, if purchased from a retail outlet, take it back. If acquired in some other way, well... you have a few thing you can try, but for the most part you may be out of luck. I'd try to find signs of water damage, physical damage from being dropped etc, for example.

    No battery? You had to get a battery for it? Please post details about how/where you got the device. ;)

    Meanwhile, have a look at this page for instruction on how to reset the Galaxy Ace 2:


    Button combination resets are good for devices on which there is no access to the operating system.
  3. kevinturna

    kevinturna New Member

    thanks for the help! it has some marks on it but no cracks ect! well heres what happened i used to own a blackberry for several months, but in the end after spending 200+ on repairs it, i decided i couldent spend no more on it! so phoneless my friend was getting rid of it in which he bought of ebay :stupido3: so i bunged him 20 quid and here i am:rolleyes::hmpf:
  4. sniperdude

    sniperdude Well-Known Member

    nobody would sell an ace 2 for

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