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Galaxy Ace Gingerbread o2 UKGeneral

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  1. blurredpixels

    blurredpixels New Member

    Hi, does any one have any information on when O2 UK are going to release Gingerbread for the Galaxy Ace. I have asked O2 directly but the customer service dept. don't have a clue about what they are talking about.

  2. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi blurredpixels, I'm also on 02 & I went into their headquarters at Slough & spoke to a very helpful "Guru". Basically, they are developing it, but after seeing problems on the releases from "3" & Vodafone they are making sure it is stable before releasing it to their customers. I know that PJ147 is experiencing no problems at all on "3", but most others are, just look at Chismay who is also on "3"!! There seems to be lots of problems with lag & wifi among other things. Every forum on the web has a very busy thread called "how do I downgrade back to Froyo"!! So hopefully this is true & 02 are going to release a "perfect" update, or they are just full of sh*t, make up your own mind! ;)
    I will keep this thread updated if I hear anything. GrahamF. W.London
  3. PJ147

    PJ147 Well-Known Member

    I must be one lucky B*****d with my update... its not good for those with problems. From reading lots of forums and asking people it seems the majority of people with the issues are the leaked roms. But as people like Chismay etc have these problems I dont know really why mine is ok??:confused::confused:
  4. JLi

    JLi Member

    Hi, I bought my phone from the Phones4 U shop but i have a O2 Sim Card, will O2 release my gingerbread update or will phones for u PLease Reply
  5. jezcooke

    jezcooke Member

    I think P4U usually sell unbranded/unlocked phones, check the firmware version listed in Kies specifically the last three letters in brackets, if it says (XEU) then you have a sim free handset and will get the update when Samsung release it, if it says (O2U) then it's an O2 handset and will depend on O2 releasing it.
  6. squitten

    squitten Well-Known Member

    the new 2.3 update is now available to download via kies. Just updated my phone things are looking good so far!!!:)
  7. mark9271

    mark9271 New Member

    hi ya to all,just to let everyone know that the official gingerbread update is out now on o2 network for everyone that has not got the update,just plugged my phone into kies and the update was there so go all that is on o2 and update goodluck.........!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:p
  8. theeend

    theeend New Member

    Having issues with Kies, the firmware update failed earlier and now the emergency firmware recovery won't do anything.

    It ends with "recovery failed due to error with GT-S5830. please contact service centre if this persists".

    The weird thing is, the phone boots up fine and is still on Froyo as it was previously.
  9. JLVa

    JLVa New Member

    funnyly enough, it doesnt even say one of those, neither O2 or the P4U firmware
  10. Jashe

    Jashe Active Member

    Hi, this is what my phone/KIES says.

    This is the latest firmware.

    The Firmware is: PDA:KB7/PHONE:KB1/CSC:KC2(CPW)

    I bought my phone from Phones 4 u but i dont have the update, im on 02. Plz help thanks
  11. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi squitten & mark9271, just wondering how it's going with the new Gingerbread update on 02?? Any problems or improvements obvious yet? I'm hesitating because of the problems on "3" & virgin/vodafone etc... Please give us some feedback. Thanx. GrahamF. London :confused:
  12. jezcooke

    jezcooke Member

    That's very strange, you have carphone warehouse (CPW) branded firmware I would expect XEU (generic) from Phones4U (or perhaps O2U for an O2 contract). I have the same version (CPW) but bought mine from e2save (part of CPW) so that isn't surprising. No update yet here either.
    Jashe likes this.
  13. Jashe

    Jashe Active Member

    this is strange, so when will CarPhone warehouse release the update?
  14. pharbon80

    pharbon80 Member

    If you bought the phone from O2 then it will be locked to O2, firmware should have to match with kies and the phone. I used odin to update my 'locked o2' Ace. updated to unofficial 2.3.4 and its worked fine. Funny thing is My 3 sim now wortks in the phone too. Kies wont recognise the Phone though now lol
  15. Jashe

    Jashe Active Member

    hi, i was chatting to the o2 gurus and they said that they will send me the update in the next 24 hours. ill let u know if it works
  16. rough

    rough New Member

    I bought mine from O2 and here's what Kies says about latest firmware upgrade

    Current firmware version: PDA:KAA / PHONE:KA6 / CSC:KB1(O2U)
    Latest firmware version: PDA:KPL / PHONE:KP6 / CSC:KP3 (O2U)

    So I'm waiting for my battery to get fully charged and then I will try to update my Ace.
  17. jezcooke

    jezcooke Member

    That's anyone's guess I'm afraid, CPW firmware appears much the same as the generic stock version (don't know what if anything they changed about it) so maybe it will appear at the same time as the generic XEU version. Wish they'd hurry up about it, I would have expected the unbranded versions to appear before the ones that the networks have mucked about with but it seems not to be the case.
  18. Renard99

    Renard99 Member

    I've just updated mine. Seems alright so far but it does take longer to wake up from sleep/standy. It's only a second or so but it's just a little annoying considering it was instant before
  19. Renard99

    Renard99 Member

    Have found that the text doesn't seem as clear in text messages oddly
  20. squitten

    squitten Well-Known Member

    Hey Graham, I've had it on my phone for over a day now. I've had no problem so far, no wifi problems, I use a patten on my lock screen so I can't comment on if there's any delay problems which some people on other networks had. Anyway I'm quite happy with it the homescreens (I'm using ADW Ex) & menus seem smooth. You also can watch videos on youtube through the internet browser without using the youtube app but I'm not sure if flash is included though!!
  21. mark9271

    mark9271 New Member

    hi ya grahamf the only thing i have noticed is the media player has changed slightly and the battery life is longer,when i was on froyo i could not install flash player and now i have the latest flash player but now i can't install bbc iplayer so i wish for that to happen soon mt8 i will keep testing it and let you no the verdict:cool::cool: mt8......................:D:D
  22. Jashe

    Jashe Active Member

    Hi, Everyone could do that with the old version as well, watch vids on youtube on the internet!!!!
  23. Jashe

    Jashe Active Member

    High Jezcooke, I talked to 02 guru and they will send the update in 24 hours via the o2 guru live chat. try that!!!
  24. Jashe

    Jashe Active Member

    Hi Mark 9271, How did you install flash player, is your phone rooted or you can download flash direct from android market. Thanks

  25. jezcooke

    jezcooke Member

    Well I'm on T-mobile so probably won't be chatting to O2 about it ;-) Did you tell them you had CPW firmware? I don't see any possibility for O2 to have any control of the update of your phone as it isn't O2 firmware (still don't understand how you ended up with Carphone Warehouse firmware from Phones4U either!). If you do get the update come through let us know.

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