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  1. Wyldeg

    Wyldeg New Member

    Hi everyone
    Hope im in the right place. Ive searched google. But answers are varied and quite old.
    I have the samsung galaxy tab2 gt-p5100 on IceCS
    Sky go isnt compaitable. Ive seen stuff online suggesting its possible to make it work. However after trying a couple and failing i thought id ask on here, any advice would be great as its for my boss.

  2. pauluk1

    pauluk1 Member

    I saw a list of devices that sky supported for sky go and the p5110 is not on there as I have the same tab and tried the same and no luck I think it will be supported eventually .
  3. MikeBill

    MikeBill New Member

    Yes I am totally agree with pauluk1. But if you use Samsung Galaxy P5100 then please give me a suggestion about a case. Because I also have Samsung Galaxy P5100 and I search online and getting a product which is not only a simple case but also have many pretty features as like, it is white Shark silicone wireless Bluetooth keyboard with leatherette protective Case and more options are also available in a cheap rate. So tell me should I go for it? http://www.********.com/products/for-samsung-galaxy-tab-2-p5100-and-p5110-white-shark-3-in-1-silicone-wireless-bluetooth-keyboard-with-leatherette-case-stand#
  4. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Well-Known Member

    rock case from ebay/amazon is decent depending on protection level yr after

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