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  1. JDarius1

    JDarius1 New Member

    Im really starting to regret updating to ics.The notification bar barely works, they typing is slow, the phone has slowed down, apps won't download. It's just a lot of problems. Any suggestions?

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    If you don't mind installing apps again a factory reset may help.

    Power off phone. Hold down both volume buttons and then hold power button. When phone vibrates let go of power button. When you get to recovery menu use volume up and down to move. Go to wipe data/factory reset. Use power button to select it. Next go to wipe cache partition and select it. After its done reboot phone.
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  3. Bandaid

    Bandaid Well-Known Member

    Another way to reset your phone is to go to Settings/Back up and reset/Factory data reset, select Format USB storage and select Reset device.

    If you experience no change in behavior I would reinstall the firmware update via Samsung Kies on your computer desktop.
  4. ktabel01

    ktabel01 Member

    camera zoom i can't disable shutter sound despite it being unchecked in settings
  5. icybear67

    icybear67 New Member

    Has anyone else had issues with ringtones after ics update? Some of mine now say the player does not support this file type.
  6. mrbonelly

    mrbonelly Active Member

    For me the Power Saving widget doesn't seem to resize properly. The Right and bottom edges seeme to be cut off slightly. Additionally I hate how it's a 2 row widget. Does anyone know how to resize it the old way? It used to have tabs for the next/previous sets of choices
  7. dopejayoh

    dopejayoh Well-Known Member

    I've gotta say that right after I upgraded my phone to ICS, it was really laggy here and there, especially when opening up an app or when I was texting. I decided to back everything up to my google account and to samsung kies to do a factory reset and now my phone works flawlessly. I gotta say that helped my phone a lot.
  8. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    good to hear, I wiped mine and did a complete reinstall, but it keeps having issues. I'll give it a try after the next update. For now I await something based on this but that works a bit better. Back to my old reliable for now.
  9. ktabel01

    ktabel01 Member

    When exiting an app in task manager i can't figure out how to disable the warning prompt.
  10. swp4lfe

    swp4lfe Member

    I have 11 pages of apps, If i do a factory reset will that delete all my apps? What exactly does it delete? I need a flawless system. I dont root or anything like that. Everything is original just updated to the 4.0 and now regretting the lags and battery drain issue
  11. My issues with it are this

    The video player sucks. Takes forever to load.
    Certain plugins do not load. Aka the favorite forum section of this Site.
    When typing it will duplicate my current word 2-5 times and ill have to delete it all.
    The zoom in on typing in the browser is obnoxious and not needed.

    So far I'm not liking ics at all.
  12. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Yes you would have to install apps again. A factory reset returns the phone to its stock settings like if you had just bought it (but you will still have ICS). Its a pain if you have a lot of apps but it can cure problems.

    Also, here is a very helpful thread for people running unrooted stock.

    Get the most out of the T989 T-Mobile Stock ICS/Unrooted

    Also useful info even if you're rooted.
  13. robo21

    robo21 Well-Known Member

    This is not a problem on my ICS updated SGS II. You may need to do a factory reset if you you are having problems. My phone is working fine.
  14. rallyr

    rallyr New Member

    Well, for the first day or two ICS seemed very sluggish, but it seems to have sorted itself out. The battery life is not as good as it was, either.

    The bug which is bothering me the most right now is that the menu buttons won't stay lit! The off, 2 second and 6 second options work fine, but the "always on" option only works until the phone goes to sleep, then the buttons never light up at all. This is very disheartening since I use the phone in poorly lit areas and I need them lit so my old eyes can see them.

    The other real disappointment is the new email app. If it were any slower, I'd think it was hand sorting index cards. I try to mark a bunch of emails as "read", and it takes 30 seconds and I can see them mark off I've just loaded up K9 email, which is fast and slick. We'll see if its other features pan out.

    The other bothersome things are more opinions than actual bugs. For example, the recent app list (holding down the menu button) used to be a nice concise list, and now it has these big, clunky screen thumbnails and it can only fit 3 on a page. I want my old list back. Same for Favorite Contacts, which used to be a nice list with small pics, and is now monster sized pictorial tiles. No good, guys! Then there's the power control widget which is twice as large as it used to be.

    All in all, my phone was slick and functional in Gingerbread, and clunky and slow with ICS. Anyone know how to go back????

  15. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

  16. rallyr

    rallyr New Member

  17. ktabel01

    ktabel01 Member

    Stock camera is silent. Would hate to do a factory reset for just this one issue. Most everything else working great

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