Galaxy Tab 8.9 Cant Get Screen To LockSupport

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  1. The_app_main

    The_app_main Well-Known Member

    i just picked up a samsung galaxy 8.9 and im pretty happy with it except i cant get the screen to lock. I went into settings and picked pattern. I entered a pattern but the configure lock screen still says off. I them tried to enter a pin and still afrer entering a pin it says off. if i try to enter the sub menu called off within the location and security menu it just takes me back to the settings home screen. What am i doing wrong? It shouldnt be thay difficult.

  2. AMB_AZ

    AMB_AZ New Member

    Did you ever figure this out? Mine was working fine earlier and now, suddenly I'm having the same problem.
  3. The_app_main

    The_app_main Well-Known Member

    It just started working. I hadn't tried doing the lock screen any more for about two or three days and then all of a sudden it asked for a pattern. I've had a lot of strange things with the galaxy tab. It's also extermely sluggish. I switched to the android keyboard and its better but still sluggish.
  4. galaxycoto

    galaxycoto New Member

    Did anyone find a solution..? I can't get my tab to lock... HELP!!!!
  5. The_app_main

    The_app_main Well-Known Member

    Yes, I took it back and bought an HTC Flyer. A much better tablet IMO.
  6. huguan

    huguan New Member

    Follow this : setting>location and security>lock screen>configure lock screen>unsecure
  7. student4ever

    student4ever New Member

    would be nice if that worked...

    Pretty much the first time I went to change to a PIN, the screen lock failed. No apparent way to change back to any form of screen security. The two apparent options under "Location and Security" -> "Configure lock screen" are "off" and "unsecure". Tapping either takes you back to the higher level "Location and Security" screen without changing settings.

    I just allowed it to upgrade to Honeycomb along with a firmware update and no change in behavior.

    Tried installing a screen lock app and no change in behavior... :confused:

    If I feel like taking time to get my data files off, I'll try a factory reset, but from posts I have seen, that may not change anything. I had to do a factory reset on my phone a while back and it didn't truly clear everything off...
  8. keycare

    keycare New Member

    Had the same problem with screen lock but realised that the menu option is misleading.
    I performed a factory reset then selected settings>location and security>configure lock screen>Pattern. When you draw the pattern and confirm, tap the header of the screen 'location and security' and it should be switched on. Don't select any other option.

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