Galaxy Tab working with any bluetooth headset?

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  1. shaggles

    shaggles Member

    Hey there, I just preordered the Galaxy Tab (will get it on the 30th) and would like to know if all Android bluetooth headsets should work with this. I never had a bluetooth headset that's why I have no idea how this works. Can I also accept calls directly from the headset?

  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    Android bluetooth headsets? :eek:

    I believe what you are asking if all bluetooth headsets will work. The answer to this question is yes to varying degrees. Bluetooth is an open standard and bluetooth devices work to the extent that their bluetooth stacks function. Since there are no specific standards to the development of a bluetooth stack, there is a periodic problem where the stack on the phone does not always play well with the stack on the headset. Therefore... varying degrees of success.
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  3. shaggles

    shaggles Member

    Thanks for the explanation. If I want to listen to music with my regular headphones connected via the 3.5 jack but use the microphone of a bluetooth headset whenever I get a call do you think this could work out? (That I basically listen to the caller's voice via regular headset but speak with the bluetooth mic)
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  4. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    I would tend to doubt that that would work as usually when you redirect the audio both in and out to bluetooth then the speakers and headset plug no longer receive the audio... I've never seen an implementation where the microphone/audio-in could be redirected seperately...
  5. micheleG

    micheleG New Member

    Hi i have a galaxy tab and a jabra wave bluetooth headset and i can talk, receive calls and everything but i can't figure out how to play music and listen through my headset:)
  6. Susie-wong

    Susie-wong New Member

    I have a Jabra Wave and Galaxy tab and cant figure out how to do handsfree voice dialing, can anyone assist me please? Thank you from Susie.
  7. jonrx1979

    jonrx1979 New Member

    I have the verizon galaxy tab and have a jawbone icon bluetooth headset i got them to pair up pretty easy but tablet is still using the built in mic instead of the bluetooth mic for skype is this a settings issue with tablet?
  8. assma

    assma New Member

    i have galaxytab and when i put my handsfree on for lisning music its have a acko like i am living the songs in a hall or some big place can't hear the songs in a real version of the song tell me what to do.
  9. midi

    midi Member

    there is a new tool for bluetooth audio routing Bluemusic , it has a promotion now in december, and has lots of features including after call resume.
  10. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    since we're talking about bluetooth here, i wanna ask something.. i have a Tab with Samsung HM1000 bt headset and i could make calls with it no problem, but when i use skype or viber, it doesn't work.. does the bt headset work only on gsm call?
  11. flash515

    flash515 Member

    I have a gtp1000 gsm with overcome 4.0 gingerbread with a plantronics voyager headset and everything works, calls , music etc.
  12. Sgt Jiggy

    Sgt Jiggy Member

    I u a plantronics 903 bt headset. Works flawlessly.

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