[GAME] Colorised, a pixelated clone !

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  1. Chemical

    Chemical Member

    Hey guys/grils :)

    I'm here to introduce my new game (wich is a pixelated clone of the blackberry) !

    Torture your mind with this game !

    Purpose :
    Your screen is split into several small squares. You need to do that the screen is more than a single color with the least possible number of strokes!

    When you finish a level, the size rise (begining at 5*5 and going to 10*10, 15*15, 20*20 etc ) :)

    Challenge your friends and have fun.

    Ideal for coffee breaks, in waiting rooms, toilets etc. ...

    Look for Colorised on the market !

    This game is available in Free & Full version.

    The free version offers only the first level !

    The Full version( only 0.99

  2. Desire D

    Desire D Well-Known Member

    I played the free version, it's a nice little puzzler :)
  3. Chemical

    Chemical Member

    Thx for the feedback ;)

    I'm glad you liked it!

    New version :

    Now more challenging !

    The free version has now 2 levels to let you see how dificult it becomes !
  4. dpaska

    dpaska Member

    Was it removed?? I can't find it :|

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