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  1. jkinney

    jkinney New Member

    I could really use some help figureing out the game boid app for my samsung intercept. i have tried everything to get the roms working but it keeps saying to specify the bios and i cant figure out what to do. If someone could give a really in depth lecture on how to use this app i would be incredibly grateful. Thanks in advanced

  2. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

  3. Ganesh420

    Ganesh420 Member

  4. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

  5. pompei

    pompei New Member

    hi guys quick question do i search for those games on the market or on my browser?
  6. IceColdGlacier

    IceColdGlacier Well-Known Member

    I use to download it and the games. Hey!! if you like the sims, there are Urbz sims in the city and also sims bustin out... lol... The only games that work but the urbz is the beset.

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