Gameboid not playing GBC Roms

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  1. dagroovydude116

    dagroovydude116 New Member

    I have a Droid2 and downloaded Gameboid Lite. I then downloaded gba_bios.bin, and 2 separate versions of Pokemon Silver roms. gba_bios was selected just fine, but Silver won't run. I noticed you have to put the zipped .zip ROM, so i put both on my SD card and both are giving me the same result.

    When I select the game, the screen changes, "Select ROM" at the top turns into "Gameboid Lite", and a notification in the notification area says "Gameboid Lite is running". I'm assuming this is where the game usually starts up and runs, but instead, after about 0.5-1 second, the screen goes back to Select ROM, and nothing happens, even though the notification says "Gameboid Lite is running".

    I have no idea why it's not working. I downloaded a separate ROM file to see if it was a bad ROM, but same error with both. Any ideas? I'm completely brand new to Android and all of this, so bear with me please! :)

  2. dagroovydude116

    dagroovydude116 New Member

    Never mind. I'm an idiot. I got it.
  3. jweidman

    jweidman New Member

    how did you solve this issue i cant get mine to work??

    GAMESHARQ Well-Known Member

    Gameboid plays GBA games. GBCoid plays Gameboy Color games.
  5. ssp3shil3d

    ssp3shil3d New Member

    Is there anywhere I can get gbc roms straight to my phone or do you have to download them on computer first?

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