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Getting down loaded gosmspro onto "desktop"?

  1. Nite Hawk

    Nite Hawk Member

    I admitt i am a "newbie" when it comes to cell phones and apps.
    I downloaded go sms pro onto my LG eclypse, and after, went into "aplication manager"-"installed apps" and tinkered with it a bit.
    The go sms pro icon automatically went into the "downlowds" area no problem.The other downloads "go sms widget" "go sms emoji plugins" are still in the "installed applications" folder, and when I open them everything is grayed out, and I am not sure how to get them into the download section and working, and ultimately onto the "desk top".
    My old stock dialer and messenger are still on the "desk top" and I am not sure how to remove them and replace them with the new icons / app.
    The Go sms app says it is the defalt, but I am not sure if that is correct or not.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated..thanks--
    Nite Hawk


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