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Gingerbread beta update problem Ideos x5Support

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  1. xavison

    xavison New Member


    I updated my IDEOS X5 to 2.3.5 with the beta in the huawei official web. I didn't have it rooted before the update...

    Now i can

  2. xavison

    xavison New Member

    I forgot something:
    I tried it with other SIM cards and it has the same problem. I also tried taking out the battery, doiing a factory reset and some simple stuff.... Nothing gave me any results...
  3. xavison

    xavison New Member

    Hi. I fixed my "cannot root" problem, so i rooted it and updated to ICS with aurora 2.07. Still the same problem with wifi, bluetooth and 3G.

    I think the problem is with the wifi mac address and the bluetooth address... I can
  4. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi, When you "Rooted" and installed the "Mod" did you find out if the version you Downloaded was Stable and had all software working????:eek:

    I've seen reported that some Mod Versions are missing WiFi and Network and Camera and a few other things.
    It pays to read Posts from people who have installed the Mod to ensure all is OK before firing ahead with installation. Neil.;)

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