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  1. TheIgster

    TheIgster Well-Known Member

    OK, call me stupid but I can't find how to insert an emoticon using Go SMS. I used to hit the menu key on my Captivate with the stock SMS app and I then had an option to insert a smiley. Doesn't work with Go SMS and I have searched and searched and can't find an answer to this. Anyone?

  2. drowe

    drowe Well-Known Member

    The 2.x series lost that functionality. I reverted back to the 1.98 version and it works fine. You can google and find the 1.98 version.
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  3. TheIgster

    TheIgster Well-Known Member

    Wonder why they would do that? Silly.
  4. premiump

    premiump Well-Known Member

    This issue is doing my head in.

    I gave GO SMS a shot as I was tired of the "bloat" Handcent was turning into, and I really liked it.

    A couple of updates later, and emoticons/smileys have disappeared completely from the menu's.

    I have posted on the dev's site, GO SMS, so we'll see what happens. I'm sure its not an intentional omission, but I'll not wait forever for them to fix it.
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  5. TheIgster

    TheIgster Well-Known Member

    Keep us updated as to anything you find out if you wouldn't mind. Thanks.
  6. premiump

    premiump Well-Known Member

    Dev has replied:

    When typing a text, there is a paperclip icon on the left of the input box ... click it, and "Smiley" is at the top of a long list :D

    I'm annoyed it was this simple, annoyed at myself for missing this completely. My brain has been hard-wired with previous phones that this particular icon signifies the "adding of an attachment", turning a text into an MMS. I never thought to click it.

    Go SMS uses the paperclip to "add" just about anything.

    Hope this helps :cool:

    GO GO Go SMS :D:D:D
  7. TheIgster

    TheIgster Well-Known Member

    Wow, yeah, that was easy. LOL...can't believe none of us could figure it out. Ha. Thanks for posting.
  8. wantonsoup

    wantonsoup Member

    Except that you don't get the paperclip option when replying in the pop-up window :( Why not just have a damn smiley button on the keyboard like Handcent?
  9. Tazman1

    Tazman1 New Member

    This method didn't work. The emoticon still isn't seen by non-GoSMS users.
  10. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    What method exactly are you talking about? And what smileys? I send smileys all the time even to iPhone users and see them no problem.

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