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Google Camera app/update discussion [Update 5/28]General

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  1. Stealthman

    Stealthman Well-Known Member

  2. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Just installed it myself. Don't like the new icon, but overall I like that its gonna have quicker updates. No more waiting for an OTA.
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  3. gale65

    gale65 Well-Known Member

    I haven't used the stock camera on my galaxy nexus in ages. I always used camera zoom. I wonder how this one compares.
  4. Twiz

    Twiz Well-Known Member

    Installed it. Tried it out. White balance and scenes modes are gone. Uninstalled.

    I didn't notice a difference in focus speed and losing those settings are too much to give up.

    Didn't give the video a try but heard it is too dark.
  5. cptnobvious999

    cptnobvious999 Active Member

    White balance is there, you have to enable Manual exposure in the advanced settings. Not sure what scenes modes is though.
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  6. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    I just noticed it had changed as I switched launchers. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me!

    UI is quite different, I'll have to have a play. In the meantime I've reverted to the previous icon using Nova.
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  7. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    Lens blur is nice. But i noticed a strange thing, once you've blurred part of the image, it looks great, then when you tap finished, it's not as good as the preview.


  8. Twiz

    Twiz Well-Known Member

    Did we lose the ability to take a photo during a video also?
  9. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    i think so. I never used that feature before, but still strange they decide to get rid.
  10. cptnobvious999

    cptnobvious999 Active Member

    On the APK teardown it says there is text about that so maybe it will be re-enabled soon.
    [APK Teardown] Advanced Camera Mode, Photo Sphere Live Wallpaper, And More Hiding In Google Camera

    Also note that it was rumored there would be the ability for third party extensions so hopefully other people can write more features into it
    Report: Google Is Working On A New Camera App With Support For Third-Party Extensions
  11. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Icon is Hidious!!! And why on earth they would take away the ability to take a photo during a video clip is pretty dumb IMO.

    I like the fact that its in the play store and that updates can come rather quickly.

    Lens blur is definitely half baked and some serious improving.
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  12. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Well the good news is they can improve it, and we should see much faster development/updates on it
  13. OhSeven

    OhSeven Well-Known Member Contributor

    More often then not, I accidentally take pictures while recording video so it was a slight nuisance.

    Where is the white balance? I enabled manual exposure (swipe right, tap gear icon) but still don't see WB settings.

    In general, I think the interface is easier to navigate so I'm happy with it
  14. wyndslash

    wyndslash Well-Known Member

    Hoping to get my note 2 updated to 4.4 so I can get this
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  15. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    To get white balance, tap gear icon, tap advanced settings and turn on manual exposure. The white balance icon will then appear on the 3 dot menu for the camera.

    Seems nice and doesn't replace my standard camera, although that may be this ROM (I think it uses ASOP camera as default). I like it so far.
  16. OhSeven

    OhSeven Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hmm, I'm getting exposure, grid, HDR, flash, and switch camera in that menu
  17. Twiz

    Twiz Well-Known Member

    Sorry, that is not white balance, that is the exposure setting. Still have no scenes either and I haven't found the timer. Oh I didn't see the time lapse or the white balance in the video mode either. Total deal breaker with all those settings gone. Makes the app totally useless for me. I really hate when I take a photo and the app makes the photo blue... Yep, that's what the update did today. Uninstalled and sent in feedback.
  18. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Features will roll out. Consider this an initial release ;)
  19. mhtrang

    mhtrang Well-Known Member

    I don't see a button for white balance. I only see the button for exposure compensation, but that's only if HDR mode is off, which is normal.
  20. Twiz

    Twiz Well-Known Member

    Yep! Not getting too upset since we can always uninstall the update and also there are some other nice camera apps in the play store. :) Trying a few of them out now: Camera360, Camera ZOOM fx and ProCapture.
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  21. akmsr

    akmsr Well-Known Member

    ah! the choices for android, specifically nexus. no more "like it or not you are stuck with it buster" ;)
  22. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    I like the new camera
  23. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    'Photo blur'? Really? We're too dumb to understand reduced depth of field?

    Anyway .. bit cludgy but at least it's a workaround for not being able to control apeture.

    Shame some other features have gone walkabout and I imagine that, on a smaller screen, losing all that real estate in order to add an opaque button would be a little annoying but otherwise it seems OK .. even if the interface does somehow feel a touch retro .. or is that just me :confused:
  24. Claghorn

    Claghorn Well-Known Member

    I got the new camera app from an update, I took one picture to check HDR mode to see if it worked (it did for me, I've seen others say it crashed the camera). This morning, I see my phone has 41% charge when the alarm goes off. Every day before the new camera app, my phone has had 70 to 80% charge when the alarm goes off. This definitely makes me suspect the new camera app of doing something horrible to the battery :). Perhaps it is desperately checking the location in the background in case it needs to tag a photo? The battery app said the largest drain was wifi, followed by idle, followed by cell standby.
  25. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    Sorry, my mistake, I assumed that's what you were talking about. Shows how little I know about photography or how much I care about taking pics with my smartphone. :eek: ;)

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