google keeps refreshing on android samsung s2

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  1. wilsonbj17

    wilsonbj17 Member

    Please help google keeps refreshing on android samsung s2.. anyone else had this problem thanks in advance ..

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off what do you mean it keep refreshing? Like google in your browser? or your email?

    Please give us some more details :)
  3. morreo

    morreo New Member

    I am actually having an identical problem on the galaxy s3. In my browser, when I go to, The webpage will keep reloading as if I am constantly pressing the refresh button. This only started to occur yesterday and I thought it would go away itself but now it means I can't use Google on my android device (have to use yahoo :-(
  4. Itti

    Itti New Member

    I'm having the same problem and came to search for help.

    I have a samsung galaxy nexus and the stock browser keeps refreshing when it loads the homepage (
    It's not possible to type anything in the search bar because it just keeps refreshing, unless you tell it to stop loading.

    After loading another site (either followed a google result link or wrote another address) the browser closes with no error messages.

    Yesterday the whole device froze as well as I tried to unlock it. The power and sound buttons worked still, so I tried to shut it down, but the touch screen didn't respond, so I had to take the battery off.

    I'm having a ton of problems,as opposed to none, since the 4.2.1 update it got.

    And since I'm at it, the calendar isn't updating the newly added contact events (birthdays,anniversaries, etc...) They're syncing right away with the google account, but not with the phone calendar.
  5. crazybull

    crazybull New Member

    I'm pretty much getting the samething with my HTC one x. I don't have touch a thing and it will just sit there reloading over and over.
  6. DarenHTC

    DarenHTC New Member

    Same problem... I have an HTC Thunderbolt and the stock web browser keeps refreshing when it loads the homepage ( It's not possible to type anything in the search bar because it just keeps refreshing, unless you tell it to stop loading. This started more than a week ago.

    GRATEFUL New Member

    I have a galaxy Note 2, Verizon. I have the same issue on any browser I use. Here is the issue.

    If I open the INTERNET browser app from jelly bean and go to for the first time three is not an issue. If I then go to any page or just do a search and then either go back to or close the browser and then go back or open another page and go to the issue begins. the page continuously refreshes with no time to enter criteria.

    Once this happens I can go through the application manager to ALL and then to the INTERNET app and open those settings then delete DATA and then open the browser and go to the issues seems to have been solved. I go to another site or do another search and it starts over again.

    Another note on the INTERNET app, if I could time my tap correctly and click on the classic view as opposed to the mobile the page will then be in classic view and not refresh but that view is counterproductive to use as the display is too small.

    I then decided to install another browser and used Dolphin browser and at first the issue was gone. I did not use INTERNET app which came with the OS while testing Dolphin. After a use or two the issue started with Dolphin too. With Dolphin, if i go to and link to anything then go to the continuous repeating refresh of the site stops. If I do a Google search and return to the issue returns.

    This is sort of unproductive for Google if you ask me, it forces users of their operating system, android jelly bean, to use another search engine. It is impossible to actually enter any criteria into page to perform a search before it refreshes.

    I hope there is a solution for this because I like to use google search but I will use Bing if necessary.
  8. AnnoyedRazr

    AnnoyedRazr New Member

    I am having the same issue with droid razr with ice cream sandwich os. I have to repeatedly clear all data in order to prevent it from reloading. I've also run anti-malware and antivirus software to no avail. Other suggestions were to disable extensions, but I don't know where to look for those. I have been told to do a factory reset, but it seems like it's not going to solve it as everyone else here is recently having the same issue. :(

    GRATEFUL New Member

    My phone is two days old and I doubt you can get much closer to a factory reset. I doubt that would be the solution.
  10. AnnoyedRazr

    AnnoyedRazr New Member

    I guess we're all at the mercy of google at this point, hopefully someone will be able to offer a solution soon...
  11. turkinbakey

    turkinbakey New Member

    I read that you need to log out of your Gmail acct. Haven't tried this yet.
  12. turkinbakey

    turkinbakey New Member

    Tried this. It worked. On the homepage, log out of Gmail.
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  13. AnnoyedRazr

    AnnoyedRazr New Member

    turkinbakey, seems to be working, thanks
  14. rcs1

    rcs1 Member

    Having same issue. Only is do doing it
  15. Samulski

    Samulski New Member

    Dear readers,

    Have the same issues of google keeps on reloading, definitly a Google problem (something changed on their side and not on our Androids). The way I "solve" the problem is using the webbrowsers quick options: "Desktop View" (in Dutch Weergave Bureau...).

    Best regards,
  16. KernelSanders

    KernelSanders New Member

    I deleted my cookies and history on the phone and the Google auto reload problem appears to have been successfully corrected.
  17. KernelSanders

    KernelSanders New Member

    Try to delete the cookies and history. It worked for me. Try it and let me know.
  18. jamesdean

    jamesdean Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same issue and it just started a couple of days ago. It only happens on and they only way to stop it is to logout or clear cookies which logs you out. I tried the Dolphin browser and it has the same problem. It's definitely something on Google's end.
  19. Rolzzzz

    Rolzzzz New Member

    I have had exactly this problem, and find if I keep logged out of Google, this stops. Also on an S2, new out the box on 4.04.
  20. KernelSanders

    KernelSanders New Member

    I kid you not....I deleted cookies and history in stock browser. Settings, then Privacy and Settings then cleared cookies, cache and history and had NO Google auto refresh issues ever since.
  21. carlaki

    carlaki New Member

    This has truly helped me with my problem. A million thanks!;)

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