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  1. K Rize

    K Rize Well-Known Member

    Google Now
    gnow1.png gnow2.png gnow3.png

    You Need 30 to 60 mb of space in system/app for this to work,
    So you may want to delete some apps u don't use.
    Download from link Below to phone
    Locate downloaded file (sdcard/download/)
    Long press on file till you see popup up window
    press unextract file using Root Explorer
    when asked (go to Extracted folder)

    Move/Copy apps Screenshot_2013-02-14-02-19-31.png to system/app
    Move/Copy libs Screenshot_2013-02-14-02-16-18.png to system/lib

    Move/Copy En-us folder (From On Line 30mb) to system/usr/srec/
    Move En-us & config folder (From Off Line 60mb) to system/usr/srec/

    Fix permissions
    Folders rwxr-xr-x Screenshot_2013-02-14-02-20-33.png also folders found inside of En-us & config folder
    Apps, Libs, & Files rw-r--r-- Screenshot_2013-02-14-02-23-33.png also files found inside of En-us & config folder

    Reboot Screenshot_2013-02-14-02-27-44.png
    Enjoy Google Now

    To get back to stock Google search
    delete all files added and download
    files from here----->

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  2. n0tall0wed

    n0tall0wed Well-Known Member

    Files are not up anymore
    Never mind drop box was just being difficult
  3. MtDewFella

    MtDewFella Active Member Contributor

    I installed Google Now using this tutorial but now my phone is saying there's an updated version in the play store, but can't download it, is there a way to get the new version?
  4. trester66

    trester66 Member

    Yea I noticed this too
  5. DMedina559

    DMedina559 Well-Known Member Contributor

    No you can't update. GN is an official JB app, not for ICS. The only reason its working on ICS is because someone ported it to work. :)
  6. MtDewFella

    MtDewFella Active Member Contributor

    I know, that's what I was asking, is there a port of the newer version, we hacked this version on to our phones why not a newer version too?
  7. DMedina559

    DMedina559 Well-Known Member Contributor

    From what I have read on XDA is that its to hard to.
  8. NumberXV

    NumberXV Well-Known Member

    Thank you been looking for a way to have Google Now on this phone.

    Edit: Took it off since it was draining my battery at a fast rate. Still thank you.

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