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  1. jugmug

    jugmug New Member

    So I am bought myself a micromax a90 yesterday. It's a good phoen generally speaking. I switched from a blackberry so already feel a world of improvement.

    Anyway, so there is one bit that is not working for me and I realise it's a software issue.

    When I turn on google maps, it takes atleast upto 60 seconds!! to get a location fix. Other apps like zomato, stop trying to find a location after some seconds. I googled this and saw lots of people have this issue with ICS 4.0.3.

    Is there a known issues, and recommends on hopw to fix this? I have not rooted the phone yet. Must I root?

    thanks everyone!

  2. jugmug

    jugmug New Member

    A quick feed back on the issue. I downloaded an app called GPS Status. In this I can clear the AGPS Cache and download fresh updates. After I do this it can get a location FIX on me, but it takes over 60 seconds to find one! So now we know that it's a not a hardware problem with a software one!

    Is anybody else having the same problem? Or is it justa unique case with me?
  3. ismailmuhisin

    ismailmuhisin New Member

    I have the same problem, GPS takes a long time to get fix in Google maps, however is faster in other apps.
    But I have a bigger problem, the maps application is not working without GPS and does not use network information or wifi at all. If i switch off the gps, it shows an error that "Please enable a my location source in system settings". I have enabled all possible services in Location services under settings. the phone has Android 4.0.3
    Any help would be appreciated..:)

    There also seems to be a problem with data connection.. it does not seem to work in roaming / even if i had enabled - 'connect to data services when roaming' . This problem might be specific to my roaming place (vodafone, chennai with default gprs settings provided by vodafone), can someone help with the above maps problem,!
  4. bhatia

    bhatia New Member

    hi i am a new android user, i had just bought a micromax A90. i want to root my device pls tell me how do i do it
  5. bhatia

    bhatia New Member

    do u know how do i root my A90
  6. ismailmuhisin

    ismailmuhisin New Member

    Is anyone else using micromax a90 facing this location issue...?! basically i am not able to use any of the location based apps since location is not getting updated from network information. gps requires outdoor presence and it takes atleast about 5 mins in this model to get a fix..
  7. manuhackzzz

    manuhackzzz Member

    Yeah I m also having this problem.
    But most of that I can't root my a90 can any of you who have been done it before. :-\
  8. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    Yup Same problem ! :(
  9. devahire

    devahire New Member

  10. engineer1231

    engineer1231 New Member

    I have baught this phone 20 days back. I have the same issue but i have this location issue only in the facebook application. i can not check in through facebook application even in wifi is connected.

    Kindly suggest.
  11. bhojo1

    bhojo1 Member

    does the a90 also have epo updates ? if so then there is an issue with the epo file ... one way around this is to rename epotemp.dat to epo in the following location /data /misc/local
  12. sandeepamit

    sandeepamit New Member

    yeah its took 30 minuts to find location........y its so....can any body it a hardware problem......i tried verious other apps as well.........but its still the same

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