GPS stopped working after root

  1. mjwood

    mjwood New Member

    So I recently rooted my Razr Maxx and flashed CyanogenMod 10.2.1. I can't say exactly when the GPS stopped -- I know, stupid not to test it right away -- but it isn't working at all now. It won't get a fix. Even if I boot to stock, it still won't work.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. egyptianguru

    egyptianguru New Member

    I have an XT912 and something similar happened to me as well yesterday. I havent flashed yet though- no SD. In that case, it could've been directly corelated to the root. My issues with Navigation: GPS Signal/Location cannot be found properly. Went through Settings and cleared the app cache. Then uninstalled it and reinstalled it when that didn't work. Still no luck. I'd also like to see some input with someone who has possibly solved this issue or perhaps a link to where we should post.

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