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GT-19100T updating to KitKat

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  1. nikpartlion

    nikpartlion Member

    Hi, I rooted by Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100T) which is in Australia on Vodafone. I understand this is different from the GT-I9100 so I followed this guide which is for the international models.

    I have made clockworkmod backups as well as backed up my efs folder and most of my stuff through Samsung Kies.

    I used the Siyah Kernel from here too root my phone (this was the link fromt he guide.

    The main reason I rooted was to be able to update to KitKat. I am unsure of how to do this though because there seems to be no comprehensive tutorial for the T model and Cyanogenmod installer I downloaded said that my device was not supported.

    Here is a screenshot of the device info if it is helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hi nikpartlion!

    The only difference between the GT-i9100 and the GT-i9100T is the modem. Therefore you can flash any i9100 ROM that you wish... so long as you remember to install the, "T", modem afterwards. To download and install the, "T", modem see the, Modems - Dummies Guide.

    As for an up-to-date, stable, ROM, you could do a lot worse than the Android 4.4.4 AOSP NEAT ROM.

    Grab a coffee and start reading! :coffee:
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  3. nikpartlion

    nikpartlion Member

    Thank you so much for the speedy reply, I really appreciate it!

    I was getting the impression that flashing a GT-i9100 rom might be suitable but it is great to have clarification.

    Do you know how I will be able to find the correct modem for my carrier, etc.? Is there anything else I need? Other than the modem? Also do you know of a decent guide for installing modems? And one more question sorry, do you recommend wiping the phone from Recovery Mode before installation (this won't get rid of the root and the kernel I am running will it?
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing that you haven't read the Dummies Guide I referred you to, which answers all those questions. ;)

    You should do a a Factory Reset before flashing a ROM of a different platform from your own, i.e. Android 4.1.2 -> 4.4.4. See individual dev's installation instructions for each ROM.
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  5. nikpartlion

    nikpartlion Member

    Alrighty I'll have a further read of that guide, I did only read the start bit :p

    Thanks for all your help!
  6. nikpartlion

    nikpartlion Member

    Hey I updated to kitkat on neatrom but I am having a lot of problems with it (occasionally slow to load things, screen plays up a bit and also it wont detect my SIM card anymore even though it did initially)

    I'd still like to run kitkat if possible but in the meantime I'd like to downgrade back to the Siyah kernel and ROM running Jelly Bean again, but I don't know how to do this safely. Any ideas?
  7. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Did you do a Factory Reset/clean install and did you wipe cache partition and Dalvik cache after installation? Did you also remember to flash a, "T", modem?

    To revert to JB just restore the nandroid you made after rooting or before flashing NEAT ROM... you did make a nandroid as per the dev's instructions didn't you?

    Failing that, you will need to flash a stock Samsung JB firmware and re-root again.
  8. nikpartlion

    nikpartlion Member

    Actually no, AFTER instillation I did not do a wipe or anything, so I'll try that first.

    I did flash the vodafone modem, there were two I found, DUKF4 and one that was apparently newer, DUKJ1. I managed to connect to the network the first time I started the phone in Neatrom but now it won't connect, also the battery life is drastically reduced.

    And yes, I did make a Nandroid backup in clockworkmod, I'll try and restore from this if the wipe doesn't help. Any ideas for other KitKat roms?
  9. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    Nik, moved you thread to the root section of your device. ;)
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  10. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Always best practice after flashing.

    DUKJ1 should be fine but if not, do a search for a Vodafone DVLS3 modem from the I9100TDVLSM firmware.

    Well done! A nandroid can save your bacon.

    I'm afraid I'm not au fait with too many SGS2 ROMs these days. I only know how good the NEAT ROM 4.4.4 is because I use it on a neighbour's phone.
  11. klong toey

    klong toey Member

  12. klong toey

    klong toey Member

  13. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    The Siyah link is for rooting the stock Samsung firmware on the SGS2... the latest is JB as KitKat has not been officially released for the SGS2. If you are flashing a KitKat custom ROM, you will need to use a custom kernel for KitKat.

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