[GUIDE] How to Install firmware(1.5/2.1) on your GalaxyTips

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  1. acoole

    acoole Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    All the guides I read were ethier a bit incomplete, a bit wrong or outdated. So I decided to create this new guide, this guide is the first in a series of guides I will be doing for various things that you can do with your i5700, so if you need any help with anything please do not hesitate to reply or send me a message and I will happily help you out. With that over and done with let's get started:

    Items required:
    A firmware you want to upgrade/downgrade to(I will explain where to get this below)
    A Galaxy Spica/Lite/Portal that is over half way charged
    A USB Cable for you phone
    All drivers & PC Suite must be both installed from your Samsung NPC Disc that came with your phone

    If you do not know what firmware you want to upgrade to, go to:
    www.Samsung-Firmwares.com - Login
    Here they have a lot of i5700 firmware you will need to register to view them though, pick one, if you don't know which one you want then here is what I recommend:
    If your looking for the best 1.5 firmware: I5700XEIL5 is the best 1.5 firmware
    If your looking for the best 2.1 firmware: I570EDDJB2 or I5700XXJB3, doesn't really matter which one, both should work fine on your device.

    Okay, now you should have all you need and you should have download a firmware. Now, unzip that firmware to a folder anywhere on your computer, it should extract several .tar files, like: I5700_SOMTHING_BOOTLOADER, I5700_SOMTHING_PHONE. If it has, great, if not, try downloading another firmware which will be simpler to install.


    Step 1:
    OPTIONAL: You may or may not want to remove your SD Card and SIM card, I didn't but some guides say you should.

    Download Odin here

    Next, extract the entire contents of the Odin zip into the SAME folder where you extracted the firmware earlier.
    Now turn on your phone in a special download mode by pressing Volume Down, Camera and the Power buttons all at once.
    Once this is done, you should see a screen like this:


    Now, just simply insert your USB Cable into your device and your PC, make sure to close the Samsung NPC client now.

    Step 2:

    We're almost ready to start downloading the firmware onto our device, to make sure it's all ready, go to Device Manager in windows, make sure it looks somthing like this:


    There must be both a Samsung Bus controller and a Samsung Modem however it may not say the 'Android' part depending on your drivers. If this isn't coming up, reinsert your NPC CD and install the drivers for the phone again.

    Step 3:

    Now open the Odin EXE file in the folder with Odin and your firmware, you now need to set up Odin so it looks similar to this(the prefix or the I570/I5700EDDJB2 part of the file will change depending on what firmware you are installing, just make sure that you link the Bootloader tar file with the bootloader image section in Odin!)


    Make sure that under the section COM Port mapping that number 1 is lighting up yellow like in the picture and verify that your settings are the same as the above image(with the exception of the firmware files) and now click start!

    WHATEVER YOU DO, do not disconnect your phone unless you want a brick.

    It should take no longer than 3 minutes to download the firmware onto your phone and once it's downloaded it should restart itself, you can follow the progress by watching the bar on the Download Mode screen on the phone.

    And there you have it, all done!

    Some images were borrowed from other sources because I was lazy, but all the text is mine.

    Please reply if you've had success with this guide, or have any questions.

    I am not responsible for any BRICKS with this guide and I'd like to make that very clear, as far as I know, nearly zero Galaxy's have been bricked since if there's a fault you should be able to reflash on the firmware however I cannot take responsibility for this, should your phone brick, I will endavour to help, but I DO NOT take responsibility.


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  2. bloodhawk

    bloodhawk New Member

    Thanks a ton for the awesome guide.... Was looking for a guide on how to downgrade! :)
  3. acoole

    acoole Well-Known Member

    No problem, glad I could help, questions, comments, critisims, problems? Don't hesitate to post :)
  4. bloodhawk

    bloodhawk New Member

    When i upgraded to DDJB2 .... i am not being able to use my SD card...

    Al i get is SD card Blank or of unsupported format...any ideas?

    Also i was trying to install XXJB3 ... but my device kept hanging at bootup .... Phone with a Exclamation mark.
  5. acoole

    acoole Well-Known Member


    It is possible that your SD Card is corrupted, try putting it in your pc, if you can read it, back everything up, then format the SD Card and now put the SD card into the phone, if it works then take it back out and put your stuff back on :)

    It is possible that XXJB3 is incompatible with your phone or it may just be a corrupted firmware(Although I'm pretty sure it isn't) but like I said on DDJB2 my SD Card worked fine, some people claim that you should take out your Sim and SD Card during flashing however I didn't and it worked fine, but if you want you could try that next time you flash.

  6. bloodhawk

    bloodhawk New Member

    Yep its the card only. ... will get it RMA'd...
    Thanks again for the help. :)
  7. gk_sezhian

    gk_sezhian New Member

    This is a wonderful guide. Clean.

    I have a problem .The pc studio is not recognizing my phone.Its is incompatible it seems.Please advice.Do i need to download drivers.?

  8. acoole

    acoole Well-Known Member

  9. darshdoshi

    darshdoshi New Member

    But does it work for i7500>??????
    Can i install 2.1 for i7500??
  10. acoole

    acoole Well-Known Member

    No, they're two very different phones in terms of the motherboard and processor, it is unlikely(unfortuantly) that 2.1 will ever be officially released on the i5700.
  11. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    do you mean the i7500 will not get 2.1 or the i5700
  12. 28064212

    28064212 Well-Known Member

    I assume they meant the i7500 won't get it, Samsung have confirmed that the i5700 is definitely getting it
  13. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    will that mean every bodys i5700 will get 2.1 even on t mobile
  14. TriC

    TriC Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if this will work with a Rogers i5700
  15. 28064212

    28064212 Well-Known Member

    It should, depending on how Samsung release it. If it's an OTA (over-the-air) release, it's up to the carriers to send it out, but that should be a formality, done more-or-less straight away.

    However, it's more likely that Samsung will publish it online, and we will have to manually update our phones using their 'Kies' software. If that's the case, everybody should get it at the same time
  16. darshdoshi

    darshdoshi New Member

    So any other firmware or upgrade for i7500??
  17. 28064212

    28064212 Well-Known Member

  18. acoole

    acoole Well-Known Member

    Bump, wow, 1000 views and about 13 comments ;)
  19. Mindflash

    Mindflash Member

    Hello guys, I have one big problem... It all went smoothly... odin recognised my i5700, the firmware was downloaded to my i5700 and then phone restarts... when phone restarts a triangle with exclamation mark appears instead of (i persume) installation of the software... so my phone is now somewhere in the middle of firmware upgrade. Do you maybe know where the problem is?
  20. bloodhawk

    bloodhawk New Member

    Did you try flashing again??

    And/or check if you have selected the correct files in Odin!.
  21. Mindflash

    Mindflash Member

    Yes I tried numerous times... however any 1.5 firmware goes smoothly through firmware installation, so guess I'm stuck on 1.5 right now.
  22. acoole

    acoole Well-Known Member

    Interesting, if you can flash any 1.5 firmware you should be able to flash pretty much all 2.1 firmware, an official release isn't too far of anyway now, but I don't see how your problem is caused.

    If it doesn't want to flash I wouldn't push it, you don't want a bricked device when Official 2.1 is so close :)

    Sorry I can't help much

  23. TylerDurdenk

    TylerDurdenk New Member

    Seems like a good guide, except I get to the end of step 2, and can go no further.

    I am having a driver issue, and no matter how many times I insert the NPS CD and reinstall drivers, I cannot seem to get the "Android" bit in the modem device name, mine says Samsung Mobile Modem, or I have had it saying CDMA Mobile, or something like that.

    I have tried ignoring this and going through the rest of the guide, but I just get Odin started and it gets stuck on <1> Setup Connection and will not go any further.

    Can anyone here help me with this issue, it has been driving me crazy for the last 5 hours!!

    I am trying to flash I570EXXJCB.
  24. reklame

    reklame Member

    is this the legal version? :)
  25. reklame

    reklame Member

    Same here...

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