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Have they fixed multitasking?General

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  1. Androidcurious

    Androidcurious Well-Known Member

    So I had the original One X briefly when it first came out. Incredible phone but the refreshing multitask issue drove me nuts! I was wondering if they've fixed that issue with this device?

  2. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

    I seem to find multi tasking ok on this so far, but I'm not sure how much multi tasking you mean to do yourself so I can't really answer from my experience with the phone.
    The phone still only comes with 1gb ram and that gets almost full as soon as the phone turns on If that's any consideration.
    My web pages and facebook stay on the same pages, they don't refresh or load up again and mostly my games stay in the same place when switching through apps and web browser. So hope that lightens your ease a bit. What was it like on the original one x?
  3. Androidcurious

    Androidcurious Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that.

    What was it like? Just about every time you flipped to an app using the HTC "card" switcher, the screen would refresh. Web browsing was a nightmare.
  4. Hjortron

    Hjortron Active Member

    The multitasking issues are still there. Multitasking was purposely crippled by HTC themselves (presumably to conserve on battery consumption, RAM use, and so as to not impact overall performance). I suppose they'd have to with only 1GB RAM. On most other phones, this would probably have been plenty, but as we've already heard in this discussion, that 1GB damn near fills up as soon as you turn the phone on. Kinda makes you wonder why they didn't just put 2GB RAM in the thing, like the SGS3. A better balance would have been to give it 32GB of onboard storage (which still would have been generous), and TWO GB RAM. Then they wouldn't have had to manage its resources so aggressively. The browser refresh issues are still there, too (at least they were on the units I've tested in the AT&T Stores over the past week or so). It's reloading browser tabs each time you return to them, so forget about typing live content into a tab, popping out momentarily to do something else, and then going back to finish. Your work will be GONE. There is a supposed fix for this, which I did try, but it didn't work for me. All of this results in a diminished user experience. I was seriously considering this phone (I still think the screen is gorgeous, and love the physical design of the handset), but now it's clear that I can't. It's just rife with issues (more than just these. Check the forums. There seem to be quite a few issues with this device). And it's a shame, too, because I really wanted to love this phone. That is, until I discovered its many Achilles' Heels... Am looking elsewhere...
  5. Elefantes

    Elefantes Active Member

    I haven't had this issue at all when web browsing and switching between anywhere from 2 to 5 different apps (messaging, maps, gmail, play store, etc.) and back to the browser (Chrome). The problem with the pages refreshing might be prevalent with the stock browser, but multitasking hasn't been a problem for me - and I'm a fairly heavy user.
  6. Hjortron

    Hjortron Active Member

    Thank you for sharing that. That's good news. I'm happy to hear it. I was really sad to not be able to consider the One X+ anymore. I know I could just go with GS3 (I do love the GS3), but I've found that outside, in sunlight, the display is pretty much invisible. They say that the One X+ has much better outdoor visibility. That would mean a lot for me. Will think over what you've shared here, and possibly reconsider. Thanks again for sharing your experience with this device.
  7. FormerBBfan

    FormerBBfan New Member

    So if using Chrome as the browser, if ur filling out a webpage and need to momentarily switch to obtain, say a password from another app and then continue filling out the webpage, everything goes smoothly? No need to start from the begining of the webpage?
  8. Hjortron

    Hjortron Active Member

    I've found that the browser refreshing problems are alleviated somewhat when using Opera or Firefox (Of the two, Opera responds better than Firefox). The internal browser, unfortunately, is plagued by the problem. And Chrome, unfortunately, suffered from it, too. My suggestion, on this phone, would be to download & install Opera & Firefox on it, and set one of them to be the default. Stay away from the built-in one.
  9. Hjortron

    Hjortron Active Member

    Just a note: I've since gone ahead & gotten a One X+, DESPITE all the shortcomings I was complaining about earlier. And, interestingly enough, I'm loving it so far. Overall, I LIKE more things about this phone than I DISlike, though the multitasking issues I complained about in my above quote ARE still there. I'm just working with (or perhaps AROUND) them, and am getting on with it. Overall, I am VERY happy, though. In my bid to leave iPhone, I was pretty much considering the One X+ or the Samsung Galaxy S3 (which, through work, I had the fortune of test-driving for about a month before making a decision). My major decider was the display: I loved the Galaxy S3, but its display, while beautiful, is not great for outdoor use, in sunlight. The display on the One X+ is much, MUCH brighter, and that makes a huge difference for me. There were other phones to consider, with higher specs: The LG Optimus G (A great phone, and more powerful, but kinda ugly in my opinion. I just don't like the design. Just kinda boxy & generic-looking. I wouldn't have wanted to pick that up every day), the Nexus 4 (Interestingly, despite being very much the same phone, I like the physical design much more than the Optimus G, but it has no LTE, and it's not available via AT&T. I'm on a corporate plan, so my phone had to be attainable THROUGH AT&T), the Galaxy Note II (very well-regarded by all, but TOO damn big, in my opinion. Too thick, too), but for all my comparing, and despite all its shortcomings, my thoughts kept returning to the One X+, so considering that, I decided to just go for it. And like I said, I am happy so far. I may feel the pain later, but for now, I'm liking it, despite its shortcomings.

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