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having issues with converting movies to droid G1

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  1. ElFuzzy

    ElFuzzy New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 15, 2010
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    so its day 2 of an annoying marathon. i tried motolink, anyvideoconverter, and handbrake.

    none of which are helping my issue.

    theres 2 episodes of a tv show i want on my phone for when i get all nice and bored in class.

    now im converting from .wmv format to .mp4 like i should

    problem starts there, encoding is taking less than a second.. and when i go to check my destination file.... nothing. no converted files just empty space.

    all i want is hassle free watching of these episodes.

    short of getting a dvd ripper and doing it the annoying way ( or less annoying by my standards right now) how do i get handbrake to do what its supposed to.

    thanks for any help guys im really starting to dread staring at the little screen on my ipod again.


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