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Headset Jack issue with PhotonGeneral

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  1. urcstar8

    urcstar8 Member

    Does anyone have problem with headset jack on Photon, as soon as I plug in the headset, it does not sound right, little sound with cracking noise. I test the same headset with another phone, it sounds alright except with Photon, any idea?

  2. TigerC10

    TigerC10 Member

    The first time I plugged headphones in it was great, but the second time I started getting a "tin" effect. Will post an update if that changes.
  3. torridpsu

    torridpsu New Member

    I have the same issue. the severity of the hum does not seem to be consistent either. I listened to music and talk radio all day at work and I noticed it on and off all day. At times it was very annoying, especially during sports talk.

    If you don't have any sound on it does not make the noise, so I am hoping it is a software issue that can be corrected. I hope so because its driving me nuts.
  4. urcstar8

    urcstar8 Member

    The first time I got the phone, I used the headset, listening to radio, youtube. It worked fine but after I did the factory reset, headset sounds terrible, little sound and kind of tin and cracking sometimes.

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