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Hello, pleased to meet you.

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  1. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I'm a long-time member of Macstack.net, which you can probably guess is a Macintosh forum. I rely on the people there for almost all of my tech advice, but I recently asked them what would be the best Android forum to join, and Phandroid was the one that was immediately suggested to me.

    So here I am, because I don't want my Mac friends to get tired of having to answer my Android questions.

    As my username might suggest, I live in a sleepy bedroom community called Pacifica, which is right on the Pacific ocean, about ten minutes South of San Francisco.

    We recently switched our family plan from AT&T to T-Mobile, and this was a few weeks ago, when T-Mobile was offering free Samsung Galaxy SIIs with new contracts. So three members of my family got SIIs all at once, and I must say I'm in love with this phone.

    Previous to that, I'd suffered for several years using a couple of "feature phones," first a Samsung Impression and then an LG Vu Plus as a warranty replacement. Both very nice phones, but unbearably frustrating because their Web browsers weren't very compatible with a lot of Web sites.

    In addition to the Galaxy SII, I've placed an order for a Zenithink C71 Upgrade as a Christmas present for my mother. I met a guy who had one and loved it, so I'm excited to be able to provide my tech-phobic mom with a cheap tablet computer that comes with a glowing recommendation from a guy who'd previously owned both an iPad and a Kindle Fire and been unhappy with them.

    Anyway, I'm sure i'll have plenty of questions to ask about both devices. I always try to respect the fact that people volunteering information and advice in a forum like this have heard plenty of stupid questions before, so if I'm asking a question, it's usually because I've already tried Googling it and been confused by the results.

    I look forward to getting to know some of you!

  2. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Hi PacificaBren welcome to the Android Forums! We're glad that you joined our beloved site. Hope that you are enjoying your Galaxy S3's as they are great devices!

    How are you liking T-Mobile so far? What have your data speeds been like?

    Feel free to ask questions we're all here to help!

    Cheers! :wavey:


    Welcome aboard! Nice to see people excited about Android in here...
  4. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Hello PacificBren. :hello: Thanks for joining us here at Android Forums.

    Good to hear that you're liking your new phone. In case you haven't found it yet, here's the section here dedicated to the SGS3, where you should find all sorts of great info about it.


    If there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know. I hope you enjoy the forums! :thumb:
  5. poriggity

    poriggity Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the best Android forum out there!
  6. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind welcomes! Just to be clear, what I've got is an SGS2, not an SGS3.

    I could have gotten the SGS3 for about $200, but I figured these old S2s give you 90% of the S3's goodness, and I didn't really need that remaining 10% enough to justify spending $200.

    In answer to Trooper's question, I took my browser to Speedtest.net, got automatically redirected to Google Play, and installed the app.

    Sitting here in my home, and connected to a server in Palo Alto via the 4G network, here are the results Speedtest generated:

    Ping: 124 ms
    Download: 203 kbps
    Upload: 838 kbps

    Regarding T-Mobile's service, their coverage areas are good. What I really like about them is that, unlike all the other major carriers, there's no smartphone surcharge. That is to say, you're paying for the same data plan, at the same price, regardless of whether you have a feature phone or a smart phone. I really like not getting penalized for having a smart phone.

    Say, is there something I should be doing to make my profile pic show up next to my posts? I went looking for a nice image that would be in keeping with the theme of androids and I found a good one.
  7. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    OK, I have a guess here, as I've seen this one a few times...

    Here at AF you can have a profile picture, that shows up under your profile, *and* an avatar, which is under your name in every post. Make sure you're changing the avatar and not profile pic in your "User CP".

    Let me know if that works.

    Edit: Oh, and sorry for my confusion. :eek: Here's the link for the TMob S2 section.
  8. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Eyebeam! I'm a big Godzilla fan, and my avatar is an image of a die-cast metal rendition of Godzilla's foe, Gigan. Gigan is a cyborg, you see, and he looks especially androidish when rendered in die-cast metal.
  9. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Looks like eyebeam got you sorted. Cheers.

    Those speeds don't seem good at all. Do you have a strong signal in your home?
  10. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure I had four bars when I did that test. I've been perfectly happy with the speed at which my phone loads Web pages, for what it's worth.

    What kinds of speeds do people normally expect from 4G networks?
  11. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    I have T-Mobile in Houston and, using Speed Test now, I got 8237 Kbps down and 1786 Kbps up with a ping on 117 ms. I typically, depending on where I am and time of day, get between 3000 kbps and 9000 kbps.
  12. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Well-Known Member

    Tried again just now and this is what I got:

    Ping: 1024 ms
    Download: 373 kbps
    Upload: 867 kbps

    T-mobile's coverage map does not distinguish between 3G and 4G, but it does claim coverage for my neighborhood should be "excellent." I suppose I'll try Speedtest some more when I'm in other areas, but as I said, I'm perfectly content with this thing's speed on the Internet.
  13. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    One thing you might check, when you do your speed test, what does the little connection icon at the top of the phone screen say, "3G" or "4G". I'm wondering if your area doesn't have HSPA+ and you are limited to a 3G connection where you are? As you mentioned, the coverage map doesn't distinguish between areas with 3G and areas with 4G. OTOH, it is odd that your download speeds are slower than your upload speeds; it is usually the other way and can be a sign that you have some type of connection issue.

    In any case, all that matters is that you are happy with your data speeds. I've been happy with T-Mobile; though I do sometimes get frustrated because my phone won't do things as quickly as my home Internet connection. ;)
  14. PacificaBren

    PacificaBren Well-Known Member

    I don't think I've ever seen "3G" showing in the little connection icon. All it's ever shown is 4G or the letter E or a WiFi graphic when I've switched to Wifi.

    It's pretty amazing that we've gotten to the point where it's even reasonable to expect a phone to get a connection as fast as what your home ISP provides. I remember when I got my Nokia 6620 years ago, and it was the first smart phone on AT&T's Edge wireless network. I don't know how fast Edge was, but I suspect not very fast by today's standards.
  15. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide


    And Welcome to the forums, might be a little late but better late than never i suppose :)

    Anyhow yeah i agree about these Speeds we're getting, crazy stuff...

    I know 3G typically gets speeds up to 15Mbps, usually sitting around a couple Mbps though, while 4G can get up to 30Mbps...crazy stuff.

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