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  1. hels

    hels Member

    Hi all
    I hope someone could help me as i am completely confused etc on what to do.

    I have an arc s and had a 500mb limit on my account, in the first month i apparently went over this by double. I could not work our why as i only used what i used on my old phone and never went any were near my 500mb limit. I contacted orange and they couldnt work it out so were nice enough to remove the charge. On my last phone the internet was on 24/7 with never a problem.

    After going to my limit each month i upgraded my plan to 1gb a month and i am still having issues of using it all.

    I now use my wifi as much as i can and find the mobile internet is on for about 8 hours a day if that. But last month i have been charged ten pound for going over my 1gb limit again and i dont know why. I spoke to orange and they dont know and suggested downloading an app to find out what is using the data. I took a look and downloaded one (whilst on wifi of course haha) but dont understand it :confused: i downloaded my data manager

    Please help

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I would suggest turning off data entirely, like unchecking the box because even if you leave it on and your device is connected to Wifi it will still use background data, which adds up.

    You could also try apps like Juice Defender which limit your background data when your phone is in idle.
  3. hels

    hels Member

    Hi thank you for your reply, from what i know of my data is off completely when using wifi. Also data roaming is never on. When my data enabled box is unchecked that means its off doesn't it?

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