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  1. Allenlim

    Allenlim Member

    I've got a devour, but have no idea to do with it, it turns on, then the Blur appear, ask me to activate, as I have no contract with Verizon, I just want using it's wifi and want it to be a small tablet, how can I get over the activation?
    Also, if I want to check the ESN out, how should I do?
    It's great appreciate for you kindly help.

  2. SiriusVirus

    SiriusVirus Member

    I used an iphone like that for some time. It was an iphone for at&t so it might be similar. For my iphone situation I had to unlock it.
  3. Allenlim

    Allenlim Member

    Thank you, my problem solved:D, turn devour on, when it come to activation, open the keyboard then press"Fn+E+Fn+E+BLUROFF", you will find you'd passby this activation. not need to unlock. but note that by doing this, most of the apps that need a internet connection don't work at all, maybe work with Wifi.

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