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  1. I can't find any info on google, I just want to know the steps to getting the full battery charge (training it), my battery charges too quick and dies too quick, I know there is a way to get more life out of it with a certain battery charging process, what do I need to do.

  2. mk_ultra19

    mk_ultra19 Well-Known Member

    Buy an extra battery!!! There is a process that supposedly enhances capacity, but I tried it and let me save you the time...IT DOESN'T WORK!!!

    It's known as the placebo effect. It's something Metro or Samsung is telling people to do... to make them " feel " like they are getting better batter life, but you're not.

    Turn down screen brightness,turn of gps, push email, bluetooth, haptic feedback, sound when touching screen etc... these are the things you can do... and also toggle 4g on and off using anycut...make a LTE on and off toggle.
  3. kkoshko

    kkoshko Member

    i don't have the update...un plugged my phone at 1030 this morning and it's now 1:25 am and i have 10 percent left...and i was on my phone all day. I get good battery life. i have ADW rooted with bloatware frozen including tw launcher. And i don't get good signal at all lol
  4. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    get a doggie biscuit and when it behaves give it a biscuit i think thats the proper way of training it......rofl seems u didnt look hard enough u could of found this on metro site.

    How to Extend Battery Life for Samsung Galaxy Indulge from MetroPCS

    How to Extend Battery Life for Samsung Galaxy Indulge from MetroPCS it wont give u 8 hours of talk time but it helped me alot save more than enough battery life to get through with my day.

    Edit: if ur phone does indeed charges too quick then ur battery needs replacing that almost sounds like when metro first started selling phones their crappy ass phone had bad batteries that wouldnt last long.
  5. I had seen that bruh, I did all those steps, that's not covering the "full recharge". Yesterday I seen some steps telling me to let the battery die from natural use, charge it all the way back up, remove the battery, place back on charger until its back to 100%, and keep removing the battery and charging again until it hits 100% in seconds. I had forgot that after you get back to using it you are suppose to let it die again and do 1 full charge, it died yesterday unintentionally and I had forgot that I was suppose to do that, this morning my phone has had a full battery for bout a hour and a half, so I might have pulled it off ya dig, thanks for the info though fam, good lookin.
  6. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    oh wow u might have a defective battery then beacause basically i leave my phone charging all night and it gives me a good 8 hours worth of life just using it casually. i would buy a oem samsung indulge battery on ebay or somewhere to see if that prob persist. and if it does might be a phone issue rather than a battery issue.
  7. Oakland79

    Oakland79 Member

    According to a post by Mike and a chat he had with an agent they said to do this.
    I did that last night and so far, WOW. Huge difference. I mean I haven't been using my phone much today and I have 4G LTE off.

    but here's current stats.
    8 hours 29m since charge. Battery is still like 90%.
    Wow, It has not made it this far since I bought it.
  8. ciper

    ciper Well-Known Member

    "haven't been using my phone much today and I have 4G LTE off"

    That is why.
  9. Oakland79

    Oakland79 Member

    Well I'm at 18 hours right now and I'm still at 30%. First time I ever went a day without plugging it in while at home even!

    I think that battery deep charge bullshit had to have helped. Before this thing couldn't idle for more than 8 with 4G LTE off.
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  10. mk_ultra19

    mk_ultra19 Well-Known Member

    DUDE.... anyone's battery will last longer why you turn off the LTE lol. Just by virtue of turning that off your batter will last longer lol.
  11. AndroidxGuy

    AndroidxGuy Well-Known Member

    I have been using my phone with 4G LTE ON for a little over 2 hours surfing web even watched about 20 minutes of youtube and have only dropped 21% battery and it hasnt gotten to the point where im afraid its going to burst into flames. Im thinking we just got screwed with inefficient radio drivers cause sometimes it takes 5 hours to charge with LTE ON then dies 5 hours later and other times it charges quickly and lasts all day. This phone has issues but not as many as other phones from what ive seen lately.

    BTW i havent done that deep charge bs nor have i gotten my update.
  12. Oakland79

    Oakland79 Member

    Yeah but I turn it off every day and the phone never made it that long.

    I got about 27 hours out of that charge?
    And yesterdays charge I got 19 hours something.

    I swear I never made it past 8 before.

    And it's only taking about 3 hours with LTE off to get my full charge. Before i swear it took like 5.

    Worth a shot. Seemed to work for me. You know all new toys say charge for a full 1 hours on first charge. I wonder if that's why?
  13. caseyatucf

    caseyatucf New Member

    I'm very interested to see if the comment up above will double the battery life.

    I'm rather new to this site but I've been watching it for the past few weeks since I got the induldge for my wife.

    Its taken me a month but this week I found out how to extend the battery life. The problem is with the 4G being on all the time but you guys are missing one big piece. Each time you call or recieve a call the 4G will turn back and the battery will not improve as you might think. Another site documented the **LTEETL## function. Which has worked very well and I've noticed about a 4 hour increase so far in the battery. Just put that in and reboot your phone. 4G will stay off unles you turn it on by using a program like anycut.

    I also use Locale to turn on and turn off features automatically. Most of the day the Wifi is off as well as the GPS but when they are on its updating google latitude. My typical day so far is off the charger by 7am and back on around 10pm where it has about 15% left. I think that was with about an hour of talking.

    I can also state that "Powertutor" is a great utility to use. It shows you where your batter is going. I've found the tool to be useful in showing where the charge is going but also to prove that the other appliations that "say" the save battery life are a bunch of bull. I even found advance task killer to be useless ... its just a bit waste of time.

    FWIW, I started the first day using this phone with only 3 hrs due to the facebook app and now I'm running 14 hrs (no facebook). If I can improve on this with the details above then that would be awesome!
  14. Oakland79

    Oakland79 Member

    Seems to helped me out a lot.
    I turn off 4G LTE after every call with anycut and only turn it on when surfing on the go.
  15. BlueMuscles

    BlueMuscles Well-Known Member

    Same here :)
  16. is_mah_yell

    is_mah_yell Well-Known Member

    Im trying this today, ill report in a couple days..

    If that doesn't work this sure sounds like it will

  17. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    That post is just empty promises. I tried, it changed nothing.
  18. TRS-80

    TRS-80 Well-Known Member

    Yep, I had tried that as well, it didn't work for me either. I believe I reported as much back in that original post.
  19. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Yes, you did. And so did a few other people. I'm thinking is_mah_yell just wants it to work so badly, he's considering dismissing our experiences with it.
    So I thought I'd reiterate to prepare him for the disappointment to come...

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