Help identify my tablet?

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  1. geoffgbsn

    geoffgbsn Member

    Could someone help me identify my new tablet, so that I can flash the correct CM ROM. It's branded as a Tursion.

    Model number: F721
    Android version: 4.0.4
    Baseband version: 1.4rc3
    Kernel version: 3.0.8 gqt@sun #2
    Build number: 20120821-F721

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I can tell you it was most likely made by a Shenzhen Anteling Technology Co., Ltd.

    When you say flash "CD-ROM". Is there a problem with the default software, you want an update, non-Chinese or a custom ROM? ...probably no chance. That's often the way with off-brand Chinese devices like this.
  3. msbitz

    msbitz New Member

    I have this tablet as well and it seems there is a issue with the core software of this device I found through trial and error this it a rooted device already.I wonder if there is a rom I can put on it but idk how to go about finding one any help would be awesome!
  4. Lykkan

    Lykkan New Member

    You guys still have these tablets?
    I need the touch screen driver from the stock firmware. These devices have an A13 cpu and an ft5x touch screen. Previous owner flashed it and lost touch screen response. If you can get me a backup of the stock firmware I can make a custom rom for us. Please get back with me, thanks

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