Help - I've bricked my Samsung Galaxy 8.9 wifi

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  1. RHCP

    RHCP New Member

    Hi Everyone, :)

    I'm so annoyed with myself, I've just bricked my samsung galaxy tab 8.9.

    I was following a tutorial o n how to update it to jellybean and got a bit confused, now my tab is stuck on the boot up screen. I've gone it to the boot up made and it says /cant access to

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Android Forums! :hello: I've moved your thread into the All Things Root section since it pertains to a rooted device.

    Don't worry too much... your bricking is only temporary. ;) Can you let me know what tutorial you were following when it bricked? Had you installed ClockworkMod Recovery and done a Nandroid backup? Also, what device do you have, 7300 (3G/WiFi), 7310 (WiFi) or SGH-I957 (LTE version)?
  3. Boostking

    Boostking New Member

    Its the 7310. I work with him, been trying to search for an answer. I think he said he did a nandroid backup. I dont know what tutuorial he was using. I would know it if I could see it but I couldnt find it. I think he had CWM Recovery installed already.
  4. Boostking

    Boostking New Member

    Please disregard previous post, all is good now.

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