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  1. madjpey

    madjpey Well-Known Member

    Still issues with bluetooth syncing and unsyncing with multiple bluetooth devices (car, truck, headset...). Phone disc from calls, freezing up here and there in multiple applications. Have done a hard reset 2X now and still happening. Now these issues have come about only after 2.2 update.

    I'm up for an upgrade and can get the Sam. Charge or LG Rev. for $299 or $249 and with my 'trade in' Fascinate, I'll get an additional $132 off, so I can get either these for $167 or $117. My wife's Fascinate has it's own issues but is not up for upgrade, but VZW has given us ok to get discounted price on both.

    Is it worth it? Should we do? The software is the same on the Charge as is with Fascinate(2.2.1) and Revolution(2.2.2). What is the difference? I'm thinking we should maybe do the trade in only because they're getting rid of the 'new every two' a\o Oct 24 2011. Not to mention I should probably get on the 'unlimited' with 4G while I can, before the go with the tiered plans this summer just in case they allow those who have unlimited to stay that way and only new customers will be on a tiered plan. If they're allowing you to grandfather in of course.

    :rolleyes:NOW, The rep who was up the chain a bit did mention the Fascinate is set to get 'Honeycomb' very soon!! YES, HONEYCOMB, I asked her repeatedly and she confirmed they released for the galaxy tabs and are just waiting to see how it does on those before releasing it for the other Samsung phones. So should I wait??? HDMI, 4G, 32gb card- is it worth it for an additional $167. Or go with LG and get 16gb internal w\ 16gb memory card, HDMI not as nice screen, loaded with Bing, but save $50 and still get 4G and not have the 'issues' of a Samsung product?? Both have front facing cameras too. I think I want to but not sure which(don't want Bing crap) but don't want 'issues', and money is always tight!!!


  2. tgulch22

    tgulch22 Well-Known Member

    Root the phone, put the Community Rom on it, remove most of your problems, use VooDoo and get the lag out of it, buy a 32Gb sd card, and then keep your phone until something really spectacular comes out. Or the prices for whatever else you want drop a bit more.
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  3. madjpey

    madjpey Well-Known Member

    trying not to Root right now, but may need to. Still worried about getting into 4g phone\HDMI and staying on unlimited plan while I can- I feel in long run it's better to upgrade now a pay a little bit than do it later and pay more each mo because of tiered plan.

    BTW- I was amazed at how much data it shows that I use!!! My cycle date on my bill is mid june and as of now I have 10gb used!! What?! How?! I listen to music that is already on my memory card, no live streaming like w/Pandora or something. I check my gmail maybe once a day if that- internet probably 4x/week for a few min- I have about 10 games downloaded and play those for 10-15 min a day if that. I cannot see how\where the extreme ammt of data is coming from. VZW says nothing I can do to confirm where it's coming from- I told them I feel it's from them sending data all day and if it does come to us all on a tiered plan and I go over, then they will need to provide proof to me of where the data is coming from before I pay them anything extra!! Reps seem to get quiet when I say I feel it's from them and not me.
  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    I agree. Root, rom and wait for something significantly better.
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  5. tgulch22

    tgulch22 Well-Known Member

    The 4G isnt all its worth right now. The areas it is in are few and scattered, and they are having problems with the 4G to 3G transition when moving around. Since there are no set requirements to call something 4G, except for it being the 4th generation of data, if you root and wait, you will have a solid phone until things really pick up.
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  6. madjpey

    madjpey Well-Known Member

    Is rooting going to fix my bluetooth issues?
  7. Crucial

    Crucial Well-Known Member

    I agree with the above. Root, Rom, and stick with the Fascinate until better LTE phones come out AND (more importantly) LTE comes to more areas. As right now it's great, but very limited (and still has a few kinks as we saw a few weeks ago).

    Also, I call shananigans on this:
    Solely because "Honeycomb" is a "Table only" version of Android. I believe Google themselves stated that. If anything Gingerbread would be next to rollout. Regardless, I'd be surprised if JT/PK didn't have CM7 fully up and running by then.
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