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[Help] Problem Connecting Marquee to Plantronics M50, please helpSupport

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  1. liemjerry

    liemjerry Member

    Dear all,

    I am having problem for connecting Marquee to Plantronics M50 bluetooth headset.

    I am using 2 phone :
    Samsung GT-N7000 (success paired and working 100%)
    when I tried to connect Marquee, I tried first take multi pairing on Plantronics M50, and it's say OK, ready for multi pairing.

    I did step by step connecting bluetooth of Marquee, until I scan devices, there's no respond, no M50 discover on Marquee.

    I tried to connect Marquee to GT-N7000 and ok, paired but not connected, I didn't know, what's mean by : PAIRED BUT NOT CONNECTED, please help me explain that too.

    Is there any bug found on Marquee about the bluetooth issue ?

    Because I have connected GT-N7000 with no problem at all, very easy and fast.

    Thank you in advance

  2. liemjerry

    liemjerry Member

    Thanks all, problem solved :)

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