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  1. BeefBravo

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    l Ok, so I have an Xperia Play R800AT (AT&T special) with a locked bootloader. I decided last week to root my device and was succesful in doing so by using a version of Gingerbreak. It granted my superuser access, but I now want to install DooMKernel on it. I have been trying for a week with no luck. I tried doing everything on all of the threads thst I have read, but have gotten nowhere.

    I have CWM Auto Installer installed and used that to gain tecoveryaccess. I also have flashtool and drivers installed on my computer and my phone connects appropriatly to it. However, I have had no luck figuring out a way to install the DooMKernel Boot.IMG onto my device.

    I relunctantly have put this process on hold and am considering givingup. I don't want to though. I want to figure this out if possible.

    Has anyone out there had any luck installing DooMKernel or any custom kernels onto a carrier locked Play? Any advice or instructions would be greatlyappreciated.

  2. paxchristos

    paxchristos Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna answer you here, because its most appropriate in this sub forum.


    For Xperia line phones, the /boot partition is locked, and is not mounted, unlike the majority of other android devices, so CWM cannot be used to flash a new custom kernel.

    If you do want to flash a custom kernel, and you are on a carrier locked phone, it does cost money ($24.)

    If you still want to unlock your bootloader, I used

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  3. paxchristos

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    Problem solved?

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