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How do I add to default ringtones?

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  1. Karl_Tx

    Karl_Tx Well-Known Member

    Hi guys.....just got my cappy and love it :) I want to know how to add to the default ringtones. I downloaded Zedge and it works great for voice ringtones but I can't get notification ringtones from this. Help. Thanks in advance

  2. Brucem9999

    Brucem9999 New Member

    I downloaded two different mp3 ringtones directly into my droid x from Zedge, but they don't show up when I go into Settings - Sound & Display - Phone Ringtone.

    All I get on that screen is a choice screen for Android System and Zedge, but when I press Zedge, the ringtones aren't listed.
  3. cdogwilson

    cdogwilson New Member

    I have found no difficulty in selecting personal ringtones for different contacts from a variety of sources (downloads, voice recordings, itunes, etc.) However, I have had no luck at all in replacing the default ringtones provided with my galaxy 551. I know this is an issue from the last ice age, but if there are any other dinosaurs out there
  4. neilfries

    neilfries Active Member

    Default ringtones should be under settings>sound. Hope that helps.
  5. Italo

    Italo Well-Known Member

    I've never had an issue with Zedge ringtones and notifications not showing up in the settings menu. I believe as long the files are located in folders named "ringtones," and "notifications" they should show up. I have some in the Zedge folder, and others I made that are stored in the media folder (media>ringtones, etc.) that all appear in the menu.

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