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  1. BexAnn

    BexAnn Member


    I know this has been asked before but everything I try doesn't work!

    I have set up two email account in the email app, a hotmail and a gmail.
    I want to delete them both!

    If I press menu in the app I only get the "Add Account" Option.

    If I press and hold the email account name nothing happens.

    If I go to settings>accounts & sync it was under "manage accounts" and I deleted it, but it still shows up in the email app and as soon as I open it it reappears in accounts.

    What am I doing wrong?


  2. miar87

    miar87 New Member

  3. BexAnn

    BexAnn Member

  4. miar87

    miar87 New Member

    did you go to e-mail, into the account, press the four-squared symbol, and then pressed it again? it should appear on the bottom of the page
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  5. BexAnn

    BexAnn Member

    AHHHHH!! It's the second press I was missing :p! Embarrassed now!
  6. rad888

    rad888 New Member

    juz touch and hold the email address you want to delete, and woaalah, click delete account.;D

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